Something Big?

Do you get the feeling that something–really big–is about to happen?

I do. Something tells me it will be something good and big. Capture bin Laden? Maybe, but I think that would be anticlimactic at this point. As the 9/11 Commission reported June 6, the US war on terror has all but crippled Al Qaeda’s abilitiy to do something big and bad. They are reduced to killing hapless innocents abroad one at a time with a knife. That’s not a terror organization as much as individually evil humans.

Perhaps al-Zarqawi will die in roar of M-16 fire on the street of Fallujah. That would be a wonderful, glorious thing to watch on television. No, that doesn’t make me bloodthirsty. I believe in forgiveness, redemption, and survival. Al-Zarqawi and his band will fight to the death, and so must we. (By the way, thank you, Mr. Bush, for carrying on this fight in Iraq instead of in St. Louis. I pity the Iraqi people who have to live in this mess, but I prefer it there than here.)

Or maybe this big, wonderful thing will be me personal. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or my kids will win some scholarship or my wife will look at me with that look she gets sometimes–like she’s looking upon the gates of Heaven in my eyes.

Maybe I’m just wrong. This is pure hunch. But if something wonderful DOES happen in the next few days, you heard it hear first.