St. Louis Blues: I can't be a fan

Once upon a time, the St. Louis Blues was my favorite sports team. Hockey is my favorite sport. But Larry Pleau has ruined this franchise. Larry is an arrogant, incompetent General Manager who has driven away more Hall of Fame hockey players than he has thumbs on his fumbling two hands.

Brett Hull wanted to finish his career in St. Louis. St. Louis hockey fans have been praying for three years tht Hullie would return. All seemed in order this year when Detroit, Hull’s team the past three seasons, decided not to re-sign him. He was a free agent.

Hull doesn’t want much money for a Hall of Famer–a little above minimum for a player of his tenure. Certainly less than the Blues recently paid Tyson Nash.

But the Blues wouldn’t talk to Hull’s agent, his brother, Bobby. Instead, Pleau decided the Blues best interest lay in re-signing Jamal Mayers and Petr Cejnek.

I attended only 4 games last season, so it’s not like they’re losing a lot of money. But I am no longer a fan of the Blues. It’s so obvious that the Blues are not committed to winning. Bill Laurie, the teams owner, is just another Bill Bidwell. In 1983, I stood in the rain on the parking lot at 5700 Oakland Avenue to pray that my team would not move to Saskatoon. 21 years later, I really wouldn’t care.

Maybe St. Louis wasn’t meant to have a hockey team.