Democrat Reaction to Cheney's Hospitalization

Take a look. These are the Blue Staters. Is it any wonder that from these lands come the people listed below?

These are compassionate, loving, meek, intelligent liberals writing. Read the rampant ignorance. Read the abuse of the language. Read the hatred, the discontent, the vile wishes of pain and suffering. Read the desire to abandon the United States. Read their minds, which they merrily open to the world the way a dirty old man reveals his naked body to school children.

These maggots praise Arafat and curse Cheney. They praise Usama bin Laden and curse American soldiers. They cheer at the deaths of our Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. They root for terrorism over democracy. They loathe people who believe in God.

Is there a more vile, despicable, spoiled, whining, ignorant, unimaginative, hate-filled cretin in the world than an American liberal? I don’t see how there could be.