Michael Crichton

Well, the blogosphere’s finally noticing Crichton’s new book, State of Fear .

Econopundit has some interesting data, and I smelled this coming a year ago.

Nod to Instapundit who has more links like this one.

UPDATE: Dean Esmay has a long, thoughtful piece on global warming inspired by things other than Crichton. Money quotes that match Crichton’s speech at CalTech:

When it comes to global warming there are three facts that I’m often amazed don’t get more attention:

  1. Most climate scientists are fairly certain that the Earth’s average temperature has been higher any number of times in the past than it is now, and

  1. Most climate scientists will affirm that atmospheric CO2 levels have been much higher at times in the past than they are now.

  1. There’s not much evidence that CO2 levels and average atmospheric temperature are more than marginally correlated.

And one of the bigger bombshells of the last year was when the most commonly cited study on atmospheric temperature trends over the last millenium to demonstrate a sharp recent increase in global temperatures was shown to be mathematically flawed.