VP Debate

Dick Cheney is really, really good. He should be on more often. He instills confidence.

John Edwards on Global Test: Yes, there is a global veto, but Senator Kerry said we will never give anyone a veto on American use of force. Another waffle.

“John Kerry will never give control of the security of the United States of America to another country.” What about the UN? It’s not a country.

At 8:20 PM, Cheney is ripping Edwards a new one. Cheney should be President, I’m sorry to say.

8:21 PM Edwards is smirking.

8:21 PM Edwards: “What the Vice President just said is complete distortion.” Plagiarizing Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinnie.” Opening argument. “Everything dat guy just said is bullshit. Thank you.”

8:22 PM: Cheney just buried him. “If they can’t stand up to the pressures Howard Dean represented, how can we trust them to stand up to Al Qaeda?”

8:25 PM: Edwards is flailing. I can’t believe he’s a trial lawyer. Must have won a lot of settlements. He doesn’t conceal his emotions. Dick Cheney is as poker faced as a man can be.

8:32: Cheney just nailed Edwards on his continued smug besmirching of the Iraqi security. I hate Edwards. Hate him with a passion. I’d beat the hell out of him if I ever met him.

8:32: “There are 60 countries with Al Qaeda on them. How many are we going to invade?” Answer: “All of them, if necessary.”

8:39: Fuck Edwards. What the hell has

8:42: No Democrat has any right to talk about defending Israel. Were it up to liberals, every Jew who isn’t a registered voter in New York city would be bulldozed into a pile and set afire.

8:43: Cheney just shut him down, big time. “The first time I ever met you was when you walked on this stage tonight.” Nothing else will be remembered. “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

8:46: Edwards: “He was one of 4 to vote against Head Start, Meals on Wheels, MLK Day

8:47: Cleveland—“There are several things that need to be done . . . jobs. We have to make America the best place in the world to do business, litigation, medical care. I zero in on education. No child left behind act was the administrations first piece of legislation and even had Ted Kennedy on board. Accountablility.


Gay Marriage—Cheney.

“Do you feel personally attacked when Vice President Cheney talks about having a trial lawyer on the ticket?” Give me afucking break, bitch. Why don’t you just drop and suck his dick?

Wow, Cheney is prepped. Edwards, “So’s your old man” retorts are silly.

Cheney is a better debater. He zings Edwards at the END of his time which forces Edward to respond to Cheney without a chance to really think of a good comeback. Edwards, on the other hand, gets in his punches at the start of his turn which allows Cheney up to a full minute to prepare. Edwards also moves off of his zinger himself, lessening its impact. As a lawyer, he should know that you make your best points with the last witness of the day so the jury can think about it all night.