Oh, Canada!

The Canadian government reports a six-fold increase in page accesses of its immigration site. The increase came from the United States on Wednesday and Thursday as un-American liberal sore losers considered renouncing their American citizenship for Canada.

Go. Please.

On election night, PBS commentator and anti-American Bill Moyers conjectured that, should Kerry win, there would be right-wing coup d’etat to overthrow the government. As is almost always the case when a liberal opens his mouth to speak, Bill Moyers was 180 degrees out. It’s the liberals who can’t standing losing.

From 1999 to 2003, I worked at a company that had many Canadian employees. They came to America for jobs and money that isn’t available in Canada. They came to America because they had children with serious diseases who would have died under Canada’s triage system of rationed health care. They came to America, not for philosophical reasons, but because they wanted a better life for themselves and their families.

Our founders created a federation of states so that those with a certain political inclination could live in a state whose laws and customs were in line with their personal beliefs, yet they could remain American. For 100 years, liberals have demanded that the federal government usurp state powers so that every American would be forced to live under leftist rule. The distinction between states was muted.

The liberals who aren’t ready to pack their parkas for the great white north are demanding a return to federalism and reduction of federal programs. Read this insightful post on democraticunderground.org:

Yesterday after finally getting myself uncurled from a fetal position and out from under the pile of blankets and various pets I took another look at the electoral college map and again compared it to the “welfare state” map. (The states that receive MORE than they pay in federal taxes) My blood boiled!

The correlations aren’t exact - but they’re “close enough for government work”.

So, I sent a very terse e-mail off to my representative saying that if the rat bastards must dismantle America, (and it appears they must) the very least they could do is not use MY FUCKING DIME to do it. No more goddamned PORK for the red states!

As you might suspect, the map shows that Red states tended to receive more in taxes than they paid, while Blue states tended to pay more in taxes than they received in federal aid.

This is the kind of redistribution of wealth that Willima F. Buckley has railed against his entire life. It’s the anti-Federalism that liberals consider the highest goal of their cause. New York liberals don’t want Missourians to ban gay marriage or partial birth abortion, regardless of Missourians’s views of those practices. They don’t want Floridians to own guns. They don’t want farmers to grow food. They want to sit in their Soho coffee houses and dictate policy to Mississippi. They want to take Bill Gates’s company and divide its wealth among the poor.

Well, the poor have said, “Enough.” The poorest states have voted to stop the liberals from doing wha liberals have been doing for 100 years, and FINALLY, the liberals are saying, “Enough.”

Well, liberals, perhaps you’ll get your wish. George Bush is likely to appoint supreme court and federal court judges who think the Consititution and