Dan Rather Source of Documents?

Yesterday, I conjectured that Dan Rather fabricated the Bush ANG documents as a vendetta against the Bushes for 41’s undressing of Rather on the CBS Evening News in 1988–the interview that turned the election in Bush’s favor. Apparently, I’m not alone. Here’s an interesting quote from Powerline:

Last night, it was reported that senior executives at CBS News were promising an investigation. Today, Dan Rather is personally vouching for the documents' authenticity. This can only mean that Rather himself is the source of the documents. This makes sense; if a staffer on the 60 Minutes payroll had come up with the purported records, the story never would have run without the documents being authenticated. Who has the power to drive this story on to the air without an investigation that would include, for example, contacting Killian’s widow, or his son? Dan Rather does.