Dean House Party Flops

Ryan Lizza of The New Republic went to a Dean house party on December 30. His report is worth reading, and it jibes with my own research into the house parties.

On December 28, I decided to see which of my neighbors might be hosting a Dean house party. Like Lizza, I was curious and wanted to attend one as a non-Deaniac observer. While Lizza, who lives in the DC area, had about 30 parties to choose from, pickings were slim in St. Louis, Missouri. There were only 7 listed, and two of the seven had disabled their web links.

Of the five remaining, one had 3 guests registered, the other 4 had zero–except for host and family. Because of this, I decided not to go. In a crowd of 15 or so people, I could mingle, get some info, find out if these Deaniacs are as stupid as their candidate. But I’m afraid that going one on one with such a person in _his _home might get tricky. I could hear myself saying,