More Fodder from DemocraticUnderground

Sorry. I know I should let them have their hissy fits in private, but when people who publicly claim to be intellectually, educationally, and morally superior to me spew nonsense, I have to point it out.

Please read this post on today’s This girl says that we conservatives can’t be reasoned with, then goes on to say she has cut ties with all of her friends who support Bush, because, like our troops in Iraq, all conservatives are evil (emphases mine):

We’ve always agreed not to discuss politics, and I’ve abided by that, but they’ve been doing a post-election analysis by email, dissing Kerry etc., and I finally put my foot down. I’ve gone through this before with a repub who simply doesn’t understand the concept of not discussing politics. She’d always agree to leave the topic alone, then forward anti-Clinton stuff. I cut my ties with her about 2 years ago. You can’t compromise with these assholes, you can’t “reach out” to them or “agree to disagree.” It’s their way or no way. That’s why I am eliminating all of them from my life. The repubs in my life were pretty nice people apart from the politics; I always have felt that they were on the wrong side of the aisle. But anyone who can continue to support this… THIS… well, there is something wrong with you. I cannot be friends, or even cordial, with people who support this regime, who support an immoral war, who want my gay friends dead. The corruption, the joblessness. A destroyed environment. Ruinous debt. The contempt of the entire world. Destruction of the middle class. Etc.

_It’s sad to lose friends, but frankly, it would be IMMORAL for me to cajole them, joke with them, tell them that we have a mere difference of opinion, that Bush’s way is merely a different, but valid, way. Because it isn’t.