Al Qaeda Threatens Europe

**“To the European people … you only have a few more days to accept bin Laden’s truce or you will only have yourselves to blame.” **

Thus spake al Qaeda through two Arabic web sites. The date is July 15. The truce was to give European nations time to pull all troops out of Muslim countries, presumably Afghanistan included.

How will Europe respond? Why not America?

Al Qaeda should that it still has the capability to strike in Europe by the train in Spain bombing that changed that country’s government and policy. The Spaniards put their collective tails between their legs and ran home, giving one big victory to terror. If other European countries follow Spain’s lead, al Qaeda will only grow stronger, and America and the coalition of the willing will take on more of the burden of making the world safe for non-Muslims.

Apparently, al Qaeda has little confidence in its ability to strike the United States. Why else would its threats be directly aimed at Europe? This is proof that the Bush Doctrine is working. By hitting them hard, consistently, and first, the terrorists have reduced capacity to hit us back. By taking the fight to bin Laden’s front yard in Iraq and backyard in Afghanistan, we have him on the run even as he has Spain, France, and others looking over their shoulders.

This the western world’s greatest opportunity to announce its intention to survive. Let Europe embrace the Bush Doctrine and join America in rolling back the tide of terror al Qaeda and others have wrought.