Self-serving, Pompous, Smug Bastards!!!!!!!

There is no other way to describe CBS News. They have proven to have no concern whatsoever about journalism integrity. They clearly want only to defame President Bush and to sway the election in Kerry’s favor. As such, CBS News is now a mere parody of itself, The Onion Network.

I was opposed to Congressional investigations of the network. They’ve changed my mind. Let’s have the Justice Department and FCC dig in as well. While we’re at it, I would like see the results of a thorough examination of the private lives of Dan Rather, Andrew Heyward, Mary Mapes, and everyone else at CBS involved in this cover-up. We need a conservative George Soros to finance such endeavors.

Finally, I would like to see the White House revoke CBS’s press credentials, barring them from White House, the Pentagon, the State Department. Let them fight for their news the the bloggers must.