The Crying Girl Who Lost Her Sign

Most of the world knows that a little girl in West Virginia had her Bush-Cheney sign ripped from her tiny hands by angry Democrats at a John Edwards rally on Wednesday. Sophia Parlock’s dad, Phil, brought to the Democrat event and gave her a Bush-Cheney sign to hold up at the end of the rally, after Edwards had spoken.

Union thugs set upon the family, forcibly ripping the signs from the children’s hands. Phil Parlock told the Washtington Times, “She was crying; they were pushing and shoving her. She was scared.” The picture of the crying girl appeared on the the DrudgeReport website, making Sophia famous.

While the behavior of the union thugs was criminal and reprehensible, I’m not a big fan of bringing kids into politics. I don’t like spoiling a child’s childhood with sex, drugs, or gratuitous violence, either.

High school students, just a year or two from voting, should probably form an understanding of the way the world works. But 3-year-olds need to be worried about butterflies and Halloween costumes, not party politics. And no one should be surprised when Painters Union thugs rough up little girls. It’s what unions do.