The Democrats' Watergate

UPDATE: ArguingWithSignposts has some quotes from Democrat and CBS insiders indicating that both the Kerry campaign, which gave the memos to 60 Minutes, and CBS had doubts about their validity. Good analysis . . . take a read.

CBS News has launched an internal investigation into the validity of documents related to George W. Bush’s National Guard service that it aired on 60 Minutes, according to Drudge. Other developments overnight seem to make it more likely than not that at least two of the documents were forgeries–with Killian’s signature electronically placed on a memo fabricated by Democrat operatives, then fed to CBS News.

There’s no use in dragging this out. What did Senator Kerry know about this crime and when did he know it? Who else in his campaign knew about this? How many other “documents” have the Democrats invented to be released the last week of the campaign?

John Kerry’s website contains photos of him wearing military honors improperly or without proper authority (the combat V). Now, someone supporting Kerry seems to be forging documents in an effort to discredit the President’s military service. If the documents are, in fact, forgeries. Kerry should immediately withdraw from the race.