What Liberals Shriek

I just took a quick trip through some lefty apparel and gift web sites. Wow. These people are bitter. Stammering.

They have these t-shirts with, three or four different themes on them. They’re all college co-ed hysterical stuff: “You know, Bush is going to get us all killed because that he can be like king and stuff,” on the front, and “If you’re one of those military guys, you’re doing the work of evil . . . unless you’re a Muslim.”

The art on the items is hideous, too. I thought liberals could at least handle colored pencils. The ’60s ones were pretty good at the arts. Peter Max, remember him?

Anyway, don’t go there. The stuff looks really low quality, and I didn’t see anything that was in the Men’s Health Fall Fashion special. (You know, the one that’s upside-down?)

Time for bed.