VP Debate:

John Edwards is a lightweight. He has called Cheney a liar twice, and Cheney has not responded. He needs to address this directly, firmly, and finally.

“Saddam Hussein needed to be confronted . . . it needed to be done the right way . . . now, remember, we went into Afghanistan . . . we had Osama bin Laden cornered . . . and what did the administration decide to do? They have the responsiblity of capturing or killing bin Laden to Afghan warlords.”

Dick Cheney is really, really good. He should be on more often. He instills confidence.


Gay Marriage–Cheney.

“Do you feel personally attacked when Vice President Cheney talks about having a trial lawyer on the ticket?”

Wow, Cheney is prepped. Edwards, “So’s your old man” retorts are silly.

Cheney is a better debater. He zings Edwards at the END of his time which forces Edward to respond to Cheney without a chance to really think of a good comeback. Edwards, on the other hand, gets in his punches at the start of his turn which allows Cheney up to a full minute to prepare. Edwards also moves off of his zinger himself, lessening its impact. As a lawyer, he should know that you make your best points with the last witness of the day so the jury can think about it all night.