2-Point Bush Bounce

CNN, which downplayed polls by both Newsweek and Time, has announced THE OFFICIAL GEORGE W. BUSH CONVENTION BOUNCE . . . .


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, George Bush’s convention earned him a smaller bounce than Kerry’s.

Interestingly, the 2 point bounce, according to the article on CNN.com, puts Bush at 52% to 45% for Kerry–a seven point lead for Bush. I watch these polls, people, I can tell you that going into the convention, no on had Bush at 50%. That’s why the other two post-convention polls claimed a 12-13 point jump for Bush.

Perhaps CNN did have a poll that put the president up over Kerry 50-47, as they claim. They sat on it. Now, they’re using the awful news (for them) that Bush really does have a lead between seven and eleven points, to make it sound like Bush got a crappy bounce from the convention.

This will come back to haunt them. What goes up, must come down, the Democrats reminded us this week. Responding to news of an 11-point lead and 13-point bounce for Bush, Dem insiders said, “Well, we expect that. But bounces work both ways. He’ll come back down.”

If, however, there was a pre-convention trend toward the president (and there was), Bush’s growing lead–or Kerry’s collapse–is not going to change directions naturally. Something will have to happen, and Kerry throwing hissy fits at midnight won’t do it.

Again, the major media are manipulating the news to help Kerry and to hurt Bush. If that’s what you think the new media should do, you’ll be fine with that. Frankly, I think it’s criminal.