Liberals Help Terrorists--Directly and Undeniably

Howard Dean assists terrorism. The New York Times assists terrorism. MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN support terrorism.

Most people understand this conceptually, but we haven’t had any hard proof. Until now.

Since last Saturday when Tom Ridge held a press conference to announce that 5 specific building and other unspecified buildings were targets of on-going Qaeda planning, the liberals herein mentioned, plus their Amen Corner in every city coffee shop and faculty lounge in the county, accused the Bush administration of fabricating the evidence in order to boost the President’s poll ratings.*

(Read the story on MSNBC here.)

Because of the mounting pressure created by these liberals' lies and accusations, the administration was forced to name the specific source of the information that lead to the Terror Alert: Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan.

Now, Pakistan has revealed that they hadn’t “captured” Khan. They had turned him into a double agent who was spying on al Qaeda and reporting information to Pakistani intelligence.

Thanks to you liberals, that source of information–the best source against al Qaeda we’ve ever had–is gone. The Pakistanis have had to hide him, because his life is forfeit.

This is a perfect example of why liberalismmust be stopped. It gets people killed. It hates America. It hates the West. It hates success.

The funny thing is this: even absent the proof that the Administration released to mullify the liberals, you wouldn’t have seen Howard Dean near any of those five buildings. Like most liberals, he’s a coward who will talk a big game, but will never put his life on the line to prove himself.