Will Liberals Stop Supporting Troops?

Arguing with Sign Posts reminds me that liberals continue to say things that seem, well, silly. But some liberals are teetering frightening close to the truth.

Someone posting to the democraticunderground.org forum ponders whether it’s time for liberals to stop supporting “our troops.” Her reasoning goes thusly: George Bush is a known evil; those who support Bush support evil; 72% of American service members in Iraq supported George Bush; therefore; 72% of American service member in Iraq are evil.

While conservatives are tempted to give such arguments a James Brown “hagh,” the truth is, she’s right. Sort of.

Reagan restored America’s pride in and veneration of the military. Beginning in about 1983, it became popular to be For Our Troops but Against This [war, occupation, intervention, sabre-rattling, build-up, whatever]. Of course, it was always liberals making this claim, though they maintain a healthy distrust of military and the people who wore the uniform.

I have maintained for more than a decade–even while I was still wearing a Navy uniform–that supporting the troops while decrying their mission is logically impossible the way the liberals attempted to do it. By that I mean, they wanted American forces to lose to the enemy, but they claimed to support “our” troops. In other words, they respected the people in uniform while they are alive, but they hope our enemies will soon kill them.

I’m not sure that a large portion of liberal America will decide to public pull for Al Qaeda. But I do think we’ll see liberals demonstrate more hostility toward people in uniform. That’s good for all of us, because, in time of war, it’s good to know who your real enemies are.