Election Year Begins

The New Year begins with–guess what– Howard Dean saying something stupid. Thankfully, John F**ing Kerry has called him on it.

Dean’s inability to research his statements before making them–like finding out how Kerry voted–makes you wonder what kind of a doctor he was. Did he prescribe medication before checking the patient’s allergies? Did he prescribe procedures without determining if that procedure remained the recommended treatment? In other words, was he as intellectually lazy as a physician as he is as a politician?

Again, his followers don’t care, since they are motivated by anti-intellectual emotionalism and sentimentality, but his potential voters should. Claiming that Missouri is not a farm state when it has 17 farms for each one in Vermont, claiming that Kerry voted Nay when Kerry, in fact, voted Yea, and claiming that all government meetings must be open to the public when Dean, himself, insisted on conducting Vermont’s business in secrecy all point to a man who doesn’t take the office of president of the United States very seriously.

Intelligent people don’t take Dr. Dean very seriously.