The Lambs

It’s 1998 all over again in Ram country.

Today, playing with a 3rd string running back, Arlen Harris, and a delapidated quarter, Chris Chandler, the Rams threw six–count ‘em, six–interceptions to the Carolina Panthers, all but forcing the Panthers to win.

The Rams gave up 3 opportunities to kick field goals, which would have made the score 20-16 late in the 4th quarter. As usual, they managed the clock poorly.

The Rams’ roster sports six first round draft choices unable to play because they have no talent. Perhaps Mike Martz has good numbers as a head coach, but his mismanagement of drafts, free agents, clocks, and play calling deserves scrutiny. Since 2000, when he took over as head coach, the Rams have imploded. If Martz isn’t to blame, who is?