CBS News Ties to Kerry Campaign

One thing we’ve learned from the CBS Memogate unraveling: if you need to get in touch with the Kerry Campaign, call CBS News.

CBS has admitted that its producer, Mary Mapes, arranged for a telephone conversation between Bill Burkett, source of the infamous memos, and Joe Lockhart, senior advisor to Senator Kerry and former Clinton press secretary.

According to USA Today new ethics experts, the contacts raise serious ethics questions, pointing to the possibility that CBS is using its power as a major television news network to influence the outcome of the Presidential election according to its liberal bias.

Surprise, surprise. The major networks have coordinator their story mix with the Kerry campaign since May. Just yesterday, as the Kerry campaign announced that only Iraq would be discussed for the rest of the campaign, alone ran no fewer than five stories about Iraq and the aftermath of war. In the prior week, MSNBC had run only two such stories. That’s more than coincidence when taken with similar offerings from CBS and ABC.