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It's Time to Call Out the Branch Covidians, and I'll Start with Bill Gates and Ray Hartmann

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When a Woman's "No" Does Not Mean "No"

Catholics to Face Hard Choices After Synod on Synodality (sic)

Russia, Ukraine, Nuclear War, and the Truth

Elon Musk Buys Twitter for Free—Left Melts Down

3rd Anniversary of the Pachamama Desecration that Unleashed Hell on Earth

On the Road with Angela

Awesome! Gateway Pundit Named the Government's "Enemy Number One"

ANALYSIS: Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotaged, and Only One Country Benefits

The Trouble With Truth

FBI Agents Finally Coming Forward

The Peaks Get Taller, the Chasm Deeper, the Springs Stretched to Full Capacity

Momentum Is Building for Counting Ballots by Hand

Why You Should Stop Using Soap

How to Fix Elections Once and For All

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Happy Birthday, Ace

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The Move to Blame Vaccine Madness on Trump Has Begun

Kid Rock: Role Model

Signs Point Towards Dems Retaining Control of Congress

Radical Rosaries

Wildly Successful Rally at FBI Office Tested the Edges

If You're Coming to the Rally

Open Letter to FBI Employees

FBI: Illegal From Start

Fear Not the Feds, My Friends

UPDATE: Tea Party the FBI—1:00 PM, Sunday, August 14

The Republic Has Fallen

Pelosi vs. Milley: Has the Pentagon Seized Control?

Why I Support Jane Dueker for the Democratic Nomination for St. Louis County Executive (with zero reservations)

No, I Haven't Forgotten About Health

Truth is, I'm a hippie

Unboxing Jeremy Razors

Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty Launched the Revolution

America's Recovery

America's Humiliation

The Supreme Court Taps Brakes on the Administrative State: Thank God **UPDATE**

She Is Somebody's Daughter

Roe v. Wade Is Dead, Praise Jesus!

Caleb Rowden Proves Red Flag Laws Will Be Abused

Russia Has Won

The Republic Has Fallen

Why I am Voting for Eric Greitens for Senate

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Ann Wagner Is New World Order

Russia Looks on the Verge of Achieving Its First Major Objective in Ukraine

Heritage Foundation Leaves the Neocon Plantation

Cleaning Out My Drafts

Escape, Evade, and Engage Never Made Sense to Me

If You're Betting World War, Yesterday's Headlines Should Make You Happy

Gun Owners and School Teachers Should Understand Each Other

There Is No Cavalry

Ya know that "Low-grade guerrilla civil war" I've been talking about?

Demons in the Wild, Part 2

I just finished Demons in the Wild, pt 2

Baby Formula and Voluntary Fragility

Demons in the Wild, Part 1

Working on a long blog

How Catholic Men Must Prepare for the Great Persecution

Demonic Abortionists to Desecrate Catholic Churches on Mother's Day, and It's the Church's Fault

We Are Witnessing a Celestial Battle on the Ground

Super Spreader Event: White House Correspondents Dinner

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Supreme Court Clerk Leaks Draft Opinion Overturning Roe v. Wade in Hopes of Intimidating Court Majority *UPDATE*

Just watch this

My Covid Experience

Can We Govern Ourselves?

Why Did Pelosi Change Her Mind and Decide to Seek Re-election?

The American Food Shortage Will Arrive Sooner Than Expected

Dark MAGA?

Based Jack and More Victories

White House Folds! No More Masks in Airports or Planes

Federal Judge Blocks Mask Mandate for Air Travel

If the Petrodollar Fails, the United States Government Fails

The Morning of the Last Supper

Trump Was Deposed Because He Refused to Start Wars

How cynical am I?

Inflation: Velocity and Acceleration Turn Positive in March

8.5% Inflation Worst Since 1981

Inflation Is Getting Worse, Not Better

Bless me father, for I have sinned

The Psychological Aftermath of the Whitmer Kidnapping Trial

An Open Thank You Note to Chloe Telle

Conservatives Rock Rockwood School Board Election

When Will Food Shortages Arrive?

It's Hard to Admit You Were Fooled

A 2022 Prophecy

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2030 Is Just Around the Corner

Who Blew Up the Russian Fuel Depot

Regime Change in Russia Is US Policy

The US Executed Plan to Destabilize Russia Because Putin Rejected the New World Order

Is the US hindering the peace process?

Albert the Great is Back!

I Oppose Increased Federal Funding for Local Law Enforcement

US Military Lacks Theory of Mind

Consecration of Russia and Ukraine Today

URGENT: Pray Pope Francis Doesn't Screw This Up Like Everything Else He's Done

If You're Not Allowed to Say It, It's Propably True

Pope Invites All Bishops in the World to Join Consecration of Russia to Immaculate Heart of Mary

URGENT: Pope Francis to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Long COVID: The True Story

Most Democrats Would Flee If America Were Attacked

Would You Ever Vote Democrat?

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Will US Scuttle Peace Efforts in Ukraine?

Ukraine-Russia Is Grayscale, Not Black and White

We Are All Buchanans Now

America Is Vulnerable, and Iran Takes Advantage

Rethinking Russian Meddling in 2016 Election

Victoria Nuland Was Key Figure in Plotting 2014 Ukrainian Coup (Transcripts)

Ukraine Colluded With Clinton Campaign and Obama White House to Stop Trump. Big Mistake.

Your 3rd Grader's Curriculum Is Too Filthy for the Internet

Government Schools Are the Devil's Workshop

Consumer Confidence Plunges in March

We Should Have Listened to Kissinger

More Ukraine Realism

Biden Has Isolated the United States

Poland Calls US Bluff, Exposes Fracture in NATO Alliance

Saudi and UAE Snub Biden, Talk to Putin

Unprecedented: Nickel Trade Halted

Who Owns Ukraine?

Update on Week Ahead

Whatever Happened to Covid-19?

Polish Government Calls Antony Blinken a Liar

The Week Ahead. (It ain't pretty)

Russia vs. the World Economic Forum

If You Like Zelenskyy a Little Less, It's Not Your Fault

If you watch only video this weekend...


CDC Lowers Official US Death Toll From Covid to Just 9,000 (from 950,000)

Russia Cracks Down on Unofficial Information, Just Like the USA

Reality Check: A "No-Fly-Zone" Over Ukraine Means WW3

Excellent strategic analysis of Russia's Ukraine invasion

When Empires Fade

I will not watch the State of the Union address

Pfizer and the FDA will poison our children with a vaccine proven to be completely ineffective only to protect themselves from lawsuits

People's Convoy Departing Cuba at 9:30 a.m. Updated Timeline for Eastern Missouri

More media lies

I'll discuss Ukraine Realism with Dr. Gina tonight

Congratulations and Thank You to Rep. Dottie Bailey

Who Caused More Death: Putin or Fauci?

I will buy Bill Ackman's plane ticket to Ukraine

The People's Convoy Hits Missouri Today

Believe Nothing

Putin orders nuclear command to prepare for combat.

You can help rescue Americans in Ukraine, because the US government won't

Let's Demand $10 Gasoline for Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukrainian Realism

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Is a Model of Leadership

Putin buys Europe's loyalty with cheap natural gas at fire-sale prices

"No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening"—Joe Biden

Does it make sense to send more US weapons to Ukraine?

Russia Sanctions Designed to Boost Stocks

Missouri's Republican Leadership Made Inflation Worse—Now They Want to Corrupt the Election Process

The Post-American World

Did she play for Canada?

Joe Biden: Tough Guy

Putin May Have Ruined the People's Convoy

People's Convoy Scheduled to Pass Through St. Louis Area March 1-2

How could anyone argue with this?

Where to Draw the Line on Loyalty

Shame Men Enough, and There Will Be Hell to Pay

Covid vaccines don't work, and the CDC knows it.

The War That Would Not Start

Economic warfare

It's Time to Revisit Ted Kaczynski

Public Schools Teach Hate and Intolerance

Democracy Dies in Darkness

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Brownstone Institute is the most intelligent site on the inter webs

Canada threatens to kill protestors' pets

BREAKING: Russia Forgets to Invade Ukraine Again

A Revolution Is Coming Fast

Have I told you my opinion of the medical industry?

Fill your head with this

Which Is Worse: Canada's Overt Totalitarianism or America's Covert Private Government?

Inflation Is Getting Worse

They won’t let this go on

Democrats Are Grooming Public School Children with Masks

Moderna's CEO Deleted His Twitter Account and Is Selling His Stock

Canada to Impose Martial Law

Bill Maher Recognizes the New Dichotomy

Counter Satan With Prayer Today

Please Stop and Pray

Inflation Is Twice as High as the Government Says

CIA False Flag Attack Imminent

Americans Are Bearish on America

Adele is under attack for saying she loves being a woman

Narratives and the Common Knowledge Game—An Introduction

Inflation Highest Since 1982 as Cost of Necessities Soars

Expect Fake Inflation Report Today

I'll be on Dr. Gina Prime Time tonight at 6:00 Central Time

Pandemic Is Over

Here are the Reasons School Violence Is Through The Roof

Pfizer Adds Earnings Warnings Ahead of FDA FOIA Release of Test Results

I'm going to take credit for DHS's terror alert

Vaccines Reduce Overall Immunity in Those Previously Infected with Coronavirus

The Difference Between Narratives and Novels

James Carville wants to punch the unvaccinated in the face. But why?

Small Favor

80% of Serious Covid Cases in Israel are Triple-Vaxxed says Hospital Director

Bureau of Labor Statistics Literally Just Made Up January Jobs Report

Public Schools Promote Marxism and Crime


Outlaw Premarital Sex and Divorce

GiveSendGo Raises $1 million in 12 Hours for Canadian Truckers While Under Relentless, Orchestrated DDOS Attack

Let Me Be Wrong

It's getting harder and harder to sympathize with people who send their children to public schools.

GoFundMe Is Evil Made Flesh

Looks Like the CDC and Pfizer are Now Tabulating Job Number for the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data Show Vaccine Mandates Drove Excess Mortality Rates Through the Roof

Canada: The New Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

Pray for the Demise of Facebook

Military Service Is Incompatible With Christianity

Grim News for the Vaxxholes

The Litany of Humility

Three Faces of Black Lives Matter

There are two kinds of Republicans in Missouri, and Mike Kehoe is all three.

Recycled: It Gets Worse

Follow-Up to Weightlifting Post

Why I Recommend Weight Training for Resilience, Memory, and Strength

Over 1,000 Fully-Vaxxed Illinoisans Have Died of Covid in the Last Month and Americans Are Getting Fatter

Vatican Could Ban All Pre-Vatican II Practices in 2022

How God Fills an Empty Plate

Covid Psychosis Will Last a Generation

Most People Are Themselves All the Time, but the Culture Makes them Put on Masks

NATO Allies Seem to Recognize Biden's Compromised State

Good Morning. World War III is Upon Us. Have a Nice Day!

Cardinal Burke on the Power of Prayer

What Is 'Rank-Choice' Voting?

Rank-Choice Voting Looks Like a Rex Sinquefield Scheme to Silence the Voice of the People

Introduction to Humility (by a Renowned Egoist)

Cigarettes and Needles

Youngkin Looking Strong Makes Parson (and other GOP governors) Look Weak

Pfizer & Moderna Stocks Approaching Crash Territory

Signs Pointing Toward End of Pandemic

A Lesson in Humility

FBI Proves Me Right—They're Liars

How to Rein In Rogue School Districts

How Weak I Am

How to Immanentize the Social Kingship of Christ

Big Medicine and Checklist Doctors Caused Most Covid Deaths and Hospitalizations: Report

Biden Shifts Burden for Covid Tests to Insurers, Like a Jerk

Bombshell: Pope Francis held two secret meetings with Pfizer CEO prior to Vatican vaccine mandates

New York, New Jersey, and St. Louis County Seem to Have Passed Peak Omicron

Covid Cases Will Fall Almost as Quickly as They Rose

NIH Study Finds Ivermectin Reduces Infections, Serious Disease, and Deaths from Covid

Today Joe Biden Became the Weakest President in US History

Supreme Court Blocks "Snake-Bit"Biden's OSHA Vaccine Mandate

The Formal System, Part 2

The Formal System We Live In

Was the Pandemic Revenge for Trump's Attacks on Big Pharma?

US Department of Defense Found Ivermectin "works throughout all phases of illness" in April 2020

Double Jabbed Now 'Unvaccinated'

The Covid Narrative Shift Goes Hermatile This Week

Readers of This Blog Know How to Prevent Bad Covid

"Don't Look Up" Say the Covidians

Kazakhstan Is a CIA Disaster In Progress

About Those Covid Hospitalizations

A Total Breakdown of Trust

Second Thoughts on Sotomayor (and Breyer)

Reminder: Biden Vowed Repeatedly to 'Shut Down the Virus'

Sonia Sotomayor Exposes the Stupidity of the Branch Covidians

Records Are Falling Faster than Biden's Approval Rating

Unhinged Elmo and Gender Confusion

Vaccinated Are More Likely to Catch and Spread Covid Than Non-vaccinated

BOOM! "Current vaccines do not offer sterilizing immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection"

The Breathtaking Dishonesty of Joe Biden

You Still Cannot Sue Pfizer or Moderna for Vaccine Injuries or Deaths

What to Expect During My 90 Exile from Social Media

Denmark's Chief Epidemiologist Says Omicron Is the End the of the Pandemic as Hennessy's View Predicted

Breaking: New Covid Cases top 1 Million for First Time Ever

Omicron Is Safer and More Effective than the Vaccines

Omicron Surge Dwarfs All Previous Spikes While Death Rate Plunges

One Company Owns the Pharmaceutical Industry AND the Media AND Defense Contractors

Data Point Toward Massive, Coordinated Campaign of Lies

Exodus 90 Begins January 17

Poll: Do You Supplement for Resilience Against Covid?

Call me "Reactionary"