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Israel Continues Assault on Terrorists

Global Warming Disproved!?

Cooling Planet Escalates Global Warming Hysteria

Lake Superior Freezing Over

Jennifer Aniston Wins at the Box Office

Retaliation in Gaza

Liberal Newspapers Ban Dissenting Voices

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Father Corapi's Christmas Message

Obama Caves to Fanatical Left

Linux Approaching Tipping Point

Biden To Oversee Elimination of the Rich

The End of the Big Three: Why Not?

MSNBC: Somehow Winter Survived Global Warming

Top Story of 2008

The Fiscal Calm Before The Economic Storm

USAToday Admits It's Cold

We're Very Ignorant of Everything

WSJ: Obama Lied About Blagojevich Contacts

Seth Borenstein Dropping Al Gore's Acid

Al Gore Loses His Mind . . . again

Historic Winter Storm

Hey, UAW: Your Racket Is Over

America, you just bought yourself 3 car manufacturers

"Mother F****er"

America: the shining city on a hill; the last, best hope for democracy; the bastion of freedom; and the latest citizen of . . . the Twilight Zone

American Auto Industry Doomed

You Get Feeling That Israel's Toast

You Can't Be Stupid Enough Not To Get This

Outliers: The Story of Success

My Favorite Beef Stew Recipe

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Robert Rubin's Days Are Numbered

The Silver Linings of Mumbai

They Kept Shopping

Merry Christmas

Disgraceful, Selfish Cowards *UPDATE*

How To Own Meetings

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Mumbai Thoughts: Is This Prep for USA Siege?

Mumbai Massacre Real-time on Twitter *UPDATES*

James Hansen's Letter to Obama

Online Retail Sales Decline For First Time Ever

Abortion Wars

The World's Next Margaret Thatcher?

Zen to Done: Almost a Week

The Government Can't Cover Its Checks

Mercy Killings

Thanking Sarah Palin

Zen to Done: First Weekend Day

The Crash Goes On

Zen to Done: Day 1.5

Fed Report Hints At Depression--Markets Tank

Simplifying Life

Particularly Beware This Boy

Audio blog post, transcription...

Union Auto Workers Deserve Some Time Off

Bailoutmania Could Bankrupt US Government

Communism in America

James Hansen's Boldest Lie To Date **Update**

A Uniquely American Despotism

The last thing conservatism needs is marketing

It's Movie Time for Conservatives

The Rush to Climate Change Laws

He Gives a Damn Good Concession Speech

Now What? **Corrected**

We're All Communists Now *************

Quartermaster, Mark the Time

8:00 PM CST: Update: Brit Hume is drunk. Self-government remains on life-support

7:30 PM CST: Could be the last half-hour of self-government **Scroll for Updates** Exit polls over-sampled Obama voters by 10 percent in Virginia

Moderate Republicans Killing the Party

7:00 PM CST: Could be the last hour of self-government

Breaking News: Philadelphia Set Voting Record

Drudge Headlines Paint Dreary Picture

Thank God for Biden

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her, Oh Lord

Lowering Expectations

Reconsidering Mike Huckabee

Would You Bet Your Freedom?

Teaching Kindergartners To Be Gay: Obama's Dream

Media Have Become The Monsters The Right Always Accused Them of Being

Obama’s Million-Man Social Spy Network

Obama’s Slippery Rich Slope

America's Future In Good Hands

Champions of Freedom

Arctic Sea Ice Today May Be Higher than 1980

Marxist Rebel Leader Calls for General Strike

The Counter-culture and Redistributive Justice

A Liberal Feminist Defends and Promotes Sarah Palin

Obama Plans to Register Jews

Obama Admits He'd Replace the US Constitution

A Call for a Rosary Novena

The Message

Another Liberal Liar

US Attacks Syria--About F'ing Time

Obama Camp Can't Take The Heat

I Can't Blog

Obama's Depression

Homes for the Rest of Us

Obama Proves Affirmative Action a Mistake

Christopher Buckley Wimps Out

The Economic Abyss: More like '29 than '82

Hot Stock Tip: Hormel

Governments Grasping at Straws

Debate: The Dive Continues

The End of the American Experiment?

Obama's $26 Million Fannie Mae Be-atch

Why Aren't These Democrats In Prison?

Is the GOP Taking a Dive?

1974 Ford Maverick Sighting

Read The Dems Race Card Attacks on Fannie Mae Regulators

Senate Passes Economic Rescue Plan--Reward Points Galore!

Write Your Senator. NOW!

Update on St. Louis Area Prosecutors for Obama

It's Late and I'm Bored

Grand Jury Subpoenas Frannie, Freddie

Government Never Solved a Democrat Mess

Obama's Midwest SS

John McCain Was Right About Bailout Vote

McCain Honorable; Obama Not

Thief Jim Johnson Still Obama's Economic Advisor

Countdown to Post-Linehan Era


Why Vote Republican

I Guess I'm a Racist


Franklin Raines' Criminal Enterprise and Barack Obama, His Accomplice **UPDATE** Top Recipients By $/Yr in Congress

The Worst Football Team Ever

African-American Writers Sounding Resigned to Obama's Defeat

Obama Can Do Nothing Right *UPDATE: WaPo**ABC News

Second Grade Sex Club

Ignorant Professor Wendy Doniger

Charlie Gibson Is A Weak, Weak Man

Is Michael Savage On To Something?

Why They're Called "Libtards"

Note On Comments

Facing Defeat, Obama Resorts to Name Calling *UPDATE*

Book on Palin: $75 Best Price

Obama The Property of Freddie/Fannie Crooks

Battleground States: My Predictions vs. Polls

Operation Chaos II: Biden Off The Ticket **UPDATE: I Told You So!**

Biden: "Life Begins At Conception"

Holy Hockey Mom: McCain Double-Digits with Likely Voters

Brit Hume Undresses Juan Williams

Who Is Charley James?

Rams Worst Game Ever

McCain Lead Outside Margin of Error

Obama: I Would Have Served, if . . . **UPDATE**

The Post-Palin Electoral College Map

THE Campaign Poster

The Starkest of Contrasts


How True

Feminism Now Republican Domain?

Harry Reid: Sexist

Palin Power **Updates Galore**

Live Blogging the Palin Speech

Sally Quinn: Marbled, Aged, Putrid Meat

This is just a test...

If I Wrote Sarah Palin's Speech

The Sexist, Hateful, Vicious Attacks on Sarah Palin

What a Moron!

The Best Convention Night Since 1984

Media Hit Rock Bottom Over Palin

Joe Biden is a Source of Hepatitis


Kudos to Barack Obama

Palin Disaster: Priors

CNN Devotes 30 minutes to "Troopergate" and Surrogate Pregnancy **Update: Larry King

Majority Leader Harry Reid: "New Orleans is Lost--Bring the Guardsmen Home"

Peace-Loving Libs Attempt to Kill Republicans in Minnesota *UPDATE*

Palin's Eldest Daughter Pregnant, To Marry Baby's Father

CNN: Levee Breech, Rapid Flooding in Lower 9th Ward **Update**

Who Does Bobby Jindal Remind You Of?

Priceless Blooper

Palin The Star At Missouri McCain Rally

McCain - Palin Rally in O'Fallon, Missouri, Is Still On

Democrats Praying for Destructive Gustav **Update**

McCain-Palin Rally In Missouri on Sunday Sold Out!

Palin Pick Energizing the Right **Update**

Death Penalty for San Francisco Mayor

What the Rank-and-File Libtards Are Saying

Democrat Hypocrisy: Palin's A Bad mother **Update**

Answer: Strategery

A Babbling Windbag--reaction as he speaks

Marine Jose Luis Nazario NOT GUILTY!

Live Video: Obama Enters Invesco

Jimmy Carter, Please Resign From Life

Recession Never Happened

Comrade Obama's Thugs Go After Kurtz

I Agree With Biden

All You Need To Know About Obama

Comrade Obama's KGB Suspends Freedom of Press in Denver

Obama's Ties to Terrorism Tighten

Obama Is A Communist, People

Hillary: Review

Democrats Attack Michelle Malkin

Tuesday's Top News

DNC Night One: Meet Barack Obama

Death of Global Warming Anniversary Coming

Dems To Hold Secret Roll Call

Recreate Sixty-Eight! Indeed

The Ultimate Challenge to Biden

Unauthorized Video of Obama and Biden Plotting Global Warming Cure

Why I'm a Conservative

Arrogance Factor

Liberals Eat Their Young in Denver

Brilliant McCain Ad Perpetuates Operation Chaos

Don't Ever Question Joe Biden's IQ

Blogging for Air Conditioning

Biden vs. Obama vs. Everyone

Mother of All Anti-Climaxes **Update: Txtmsg angle lame

Biden's Abode Abuzz

Undecideds Prefer McCain's Advice

NBC Says Bayh, Kaine Out

Obama Prefers China to America

Liberal Media

We Win!

Pro-Choice Veep? Simmer down

McCain Might Just Win This Thing

The Absolution Candidate

Russia Vows Pullout as Troops Dig In -

Hey, Obama: Take Your Ass-Kicking Like a Man!

Russia v. Georgia: McCain Was Right, Obama Was Everywhere


Obama's an Idiot on Abortion

The Coolest Phone on the Market

Arctic Update

Another Al-Qaeda "Number Two" Assumes Room Temp

One Question for Obama on Abortion

Brink of World War **UPDATES**

Best Blog of the Day

Coming Soon . . . Global Warming Skepticism Illegal *UPDATE*

More on Hansen's Fraud

Obama's 180 on Troops in Iraq

Obama Caught Lying Like a Hansen on Climate Change

Rare Arrogance

Northwest Passage Today

Obama Round-Up: Gateway Pundit

Who Else Believes Hansen a Fraud?

Dr. James Hansen of GISS is a Liar and a Fraud

David Shipley Dispenses With Objectivity

King of Beers Dethroned

Leave Me the F*** Alone, Nannies!

Rasmussen Poll Shows Dead Head

Newsweek: Obama Fading

Antarctic Ice Anomaly At All-Time High

The Greenhousers--At Least They Have Pluck

Hey, AP: I feel your pain, man

More CO2 = More Vegetation

Appreciative Inquiry of the Conservative Movement

Life After Clinton

An Inconvenient Ice Age

Before Al Gore . . . there was Tom Buchanan - Solar-Powered Speedboat Goes on Sale in Netherlands - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News

Global Warming Dying Fast

Draw a Pig, and Know Yourself



Survey: Environmental Cost of Plastics

Global Warming? We Don't Give a Damn

Obama: Narrow, Prejudiced, Little Man

Some too 'obsessed' with what we say - Roger Simon -


Invalidating Feelings

Benedict's Benediction

The Boxmasters Debut Album

No Link Between Global Warming and Hurricanes

Obama Seals His Fate: Update

Offending Muslims Is Bad--Offending Everybody Else Is Good

We're All Pussies Now

Obama Proves He's No Leader

The Other Global Warming Hyperventilation

Opening The Shuttered Room

Sorry For My Absence

Oprah and the Racist Rev

Obama At A Crossroads

Chilling Insights From Rev. Wright Story

My Way News - Obama Decries Racial Rhetoric

The Democrats In Chaos

Obama "Nodded In Agreement" At A Wright Anti-American Sermon **UPDATE**

Left vs. Left

Obama on Fox: Painful ***UPDATE and BUMP: NEW WRIGHT VIDEO FOUND***

Rasmussen Reports™: Obama's Numbers Take a Nose Dive **UPATE** McCain Now Tied or Leading Nationally

McCain Says Terrorists May Try to Influence Election » Outside The Beltway | OTB

Gateway Pundit: Muslim Nations Vote to Sue Islamophobe Bigots

Wake up America: Parts of Aborted Fetuses Found In a Dumpster Outside Abortion Clinic

Rich Lowry on Class, Gender, Race, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama on National Review Online

Obama Admits He Lied About Rezko

The Debate Is Over

It's Only Wrong If You're Caught

Political Mavens » For a Segment of Obama’s Support, Jeremiah Wright Is Actually an Asset

Breaking: Racist Wright Resigns From Obama Campaign

How Racist and Hate-filled Is Obama?

Global Warming Advocate Admits: It has nothing to with the environment

Record Cold Winter Requires Even Scarier, More Draconian Response

Is Earth's Axis Shifting?

Is Obama Supporting Communist Terrorists?

Scientific Consensus Is Not Science

New York Times: Obama an Empty Suit

Throwing It Away

Democrat Congress Bad for Economy

ABCNews Gives Up on Global Warming

Liberalism = Terrorism

After Tuesday

Infra Tuesday

Crappily Evernafta

Call T; He'll Know What To Do

The Science That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Blog Consolidation

A Stalinist is a Stalinist

Cold Winter Cools Global Warming Rhetoric

So, Obama Lies **Update**

It's Okay to Boo

Buckley ever after

Liberalism Kills Poor People

Angelina jolie Joins Team America

Obama Prefers Al Qaeda in America

The Giants of My Youth are Nearly Gone

A Hard Blow for Global Warming

How to Influence the President

Deconstructing McCain

It Starts With "C"

Global Cooling Is Back!

White man's World

When Your Children Die

Gunfight At the Not-OK Corral

Windows Live Writer


Pater Noster

Obama Is a Commie--or next to it

Archbishop of Canterbury Can't Bury His Words

Chapter 11 for Clinton Inc.

Hitler's Diary


Sit back and enjoy

Teach A Liberal to Love

The Joy of Family

The Worst Thing About Election Nights

Why Vote Republican?

Blame Me—I didn’t vote

Dole: "McCain Can Win Even More States Than I Did"

Belichick Bad *UPDATE*

Give Berkeley to Taliban

Classes and Tides

Clinton Sabotaging Clinton


Depression Just One Symptom of Liberalism

Gore Blames Global Warming

Get Ahead Fast

Pride and Petulance

Scarlett Johannsen: Forgivable--and then some

Where's Hennessy?

Economy of Swine

Obama Calls Bill Clinton a Liar

Looks, Brains . . . Well, Looks

I've Been Spied Upon

The Future of Fred

WordPress Upgrades Suck

First in the South--Now What?

Romney Wins Nevada

The Islamic Republic of Canada

Polls Gone Wild

Global Warming Threatens To Destroy Siberia

Jay Grodner Guilty As Charged

Moderates Are Stupid . . . and Liberal

New Gay Man Disease

Deborah Sontag and Lizette Alverez Are Anti-Military Liars

Marine Murder Suspect Spotted

Fred Is On The Loose

Al Qaeda Attacks USA in the Gaza Strip

How Many People Has George Soros Killed?

Al Qaeda in Cananda Attacked by Publisher

**UPDATED 1/12** Help Find Missing Marine

Michelle Malkin Declares Fred Thompson "Clear" Winner

Mitt's Loss Is Fred's Gain

House on Acid?

Kudos to Robin Williams


The Battle of Fort Sumter

Hot Air

The Candidate Most Like Me Is . . .

New Word: Obamaton

Change is All You Need

A Leader, For a Change

Morning in America

New Hampshire Debate II: Affirmations

This Must Make Democrats Happy

More Evidence AGAINST CO2 as Warming Agent

Romney Contracted Hit on Thompson

Analyzing the New Hampshire Republican Debate

The New Hampshire Debate

Wyoming Republican County Conventions

On the Fred Watch

Politico--Waste of Zeroes and Ones

Thompson Surge Earns Third

Watch Iran's Navy

Instead of Global Warming, Global Reality

The Thompson Hit

What Endorsement?

The Fred Surge

Global Warming in 2008

Happy New Year!

Celebrate the Marines