Politico--Waste of Zeroes and Ones

Curt at Flopping Aces beat me to the punch. (Great headline, by the way, and watch the video.)

Don’t these yahoo’s understand that everything is taped nowadays? That bloggers will be on you quickly if you misrepresent an event? But they do it anyway.


Curt links to PoliGazette, which wrote:

I’ve seldom seen anything as obviously slanted as that [Politico story] . I’m not sure what problem the Politico has with the former Senator, but it’s clear that the guys there want to make him look as bad as possible.

Politico.com, a blog masquerading as journalism, perpetrates internet fraud on a scale that makes Bruce A. Berman look like Archbishop Sheen.

The day before the Iowa caucuses, Politico began a crusade to destroy Fred Thompson’s campaign. It began with a fictitious story that Fred had decided to quit the race and release his delegates to McCain. I debunked that on Wednesday night.

Thursday, Politico took it a step further, trashing both Thompson and everyone who supports him.

Today, Politico’s chief novelist, Ben Adler, posted a story that either the Huckabee or McCain camp wrote over his signature. If Adler was physically present at Thompson headquarters, then he was too drunk or stoned to count the people. Videos from the event prove Adler a liar.

The reason I’m so late with this post: I spent this evening on opensecrets.org trying to find out the political bent of the folks listed on Politico’s masthead. Not surprisingly, you won’t find any contributions for Ben Adler and crew. Either they don’t contribute (unlikely) or they use assumed names when they contribute (probable), a violation of federal campaign laws.

So when you read a story on Politico, just remember: it’s all make believe rendered by probable frauds.


The American Mind weighs in: “The Politico: A Team of Journalists, or a Team of Hacks?” Also, a link to an online petition demanding Politico’s writers find another line of work–or, at least, apologize to Fred.

January 5 Update:  Redstate says “Crack whores run the Politico.”  Good for Redstate.