Pride and Petulance

After Democrat leaders, Barack Obama, and Newsweek pointed out that former President Bill Clinton’s behavior has been un-Presidential, self-serving, and full of lies, Bill Clinton became more prideful and more petulant than ever.

I am amazed at the depths of Bill Clinton’s abhorrent behavior, but I’m equally amazed at Democrats' shock that their former hero is a bore.

Former Senate minority leader, Tom “Puff” Daschle called Clinton’s behavior “unpresidential.” Duh.

It’s not in keeping with the role of a former president.

Surprise! Bill Clinton never rose to the level of president when he was president; why the hell would anyone expect him to behave presidential now?

Today, Clinton scolded the press, blaming it for reports of disharmony between himself and Obama.

They’re feeding you this because this is what you want to cover; this is what you live for, but this hurts the people of South Carolina. What you care about is this and the Obama people know this, so they spin you up on this and you happily go along. The people don’t care about this. They never ask about it," he said. “And you are determined to take this election away from them.

Yeah, Bill. It’s the media’s fault. They started this, and they’re conspiring to steal this election from people. Friggin' liar.

But in a spirit of unity within the party, Clinton went on to accept the blame for his dispute with Obama:

She did not play the race card, but they [Obama’s campaign] did.

Clinton’s game is obvious and tired. He is of, by, and for himself and himself alone. He has been shameless liar since childhood. The Democrats used to Clinton’s behavior “cute” and adorable. Now they see what we saw long ago–he’s not cute; he’s pathetic.