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Vaccinated Most Likely to Contract Covid

Good Riddance to that Foul Year of Our Lord, 2021

Why the FDA Did Not Approve Pfizer's Covid Vaccine (video)

Covid Hospitalization Deception Exposed by Unlikely Whistleblower

More Americans Currently Have Covid Than at Anytime Since the Pandemic Began

In Praise of Good Doctors

Most-Vaccinated Counties Have Highest Covid Infection Rates

Netherlands to mandate 6 Covid vaccines per year

Vaccines Have Little Effect on Hospitalizations and Deaths from COVID—Journal of the American Medical Association

Then and Now: How the Experts Lied

BREAKING: Dr. Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, permanently banned from Twitter

The CDC Is Canceling Its Narrative in Real-time

Most-Vaccinated Areas Have Highest Covid Outbreaks

A Treatment and Preventive for Covid Was Available Since May 2020

White House, CDC Preparing to Declare Victory Over COVID

Start the Countdown to Maximum Fear Porn

Stop Backing the Blue?

Biden Admits "No Federal Solution to COVID"

A Covid Vaccine for Pro-Lifers

Active Covid Cases About to Set All-Time High

I Miss the Old Radicals

Omicron Exposes the Lies

Doctors Love to Lie

Austria Hiring People to "Hunt Down" the Unvaccinated

Murder Your Darlings

Student Achievement Down in Rockwood

Vaccinated? Expect to Get Omicron, Says World Health Organization

Mark the End of the Pandemic

Let Judas Maccabee Be Your Guide

Sharpen Your Sickle for the Harvest Is Near

Bergoglio's Incalculable Ego Cedes More Power to the Demonic: Part II

Bergoglio's Incalculable Ego Cedes More Power to the Demonic: Part I

The Hierarchy of Allegiances

Rockwood School Board Expected to Endorse Pornography for Students at Board Meeting Tonight

Against Inculturation

Apologies for latest headline

Angry Pope Ruins Christmas for Traditional Catholics

The First Omicron Death Was Probably BS

Rockwood School District's Smut Libraries are Worse Than Feared

Death Toll Reaches 100, and America's Leftists Love It

The World Is in the Grip of Demonic Obsession

Schnuck’s Markets Continues to Enforce Illegal Mask “Mandate”

This Is Why Biden Is One of the Least Liked Presidents of All Time

BREAKING: Attorney General Slaps Rockwood School District with Cease and Desist Order!

Breaking: Rockwood Parents and Students Defying Mask Mandate

Airline Pilot Are a Dying Breed

Don't Miss Any Rockwood School Reports!

Dauntless Rockwood Parent Exposes Threat Hoax

Missouri Attorney General Warns Rockwood School District to Stop Unconstitutional and Illegal Mask Orders

Rockwood School District Admit Calling the FBI on Parents - UPDATE: Rockwood Responds

Put Me Down for What Goldwater Said

Confirmed: "Extremely" Mild Omicron Is Destroying More Severe COVID Strains (Updates)

Omicron Is Killing the Narrative

Now With Paid Subscriptions

Time to Give Up on Public Education?

Fast Friday Headlines

This Is What Your Rockwood School District Students Are Reading In School (Pictures)

Physicians Are Coin-Operated

Vaccine Mandates Getting Slaughtered in Court

Omicron Seems Vaccine-Resistant and Mild

Jack Dorsey Quits Twitter and His Replacement is Far Worse

Vaccines Introduced During a Pandemic Cause Dangerous Mutations: UK Government

Breaking: Federal Court Blocks Biden's Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers in 10 States

Australia, Omicron, and the Red Death

What the World Should Do About Omicron

Panic: Tyrants Prepare Next Total Lockdown of America

Pfizer's COVID Fraud Fits With Its History of Corruption, Bribery, Fraud, and Dangerous Drugs

Boom! Missouri Court Rules Health Agencies Cannot Abolish Representative Government

Biden Bans Black and Brown Immigrants

Why Should I Confess to a Man?

Omicron COVID Variant Found ONLY in Fully Vaccinated

Switched to Substack

Thankful for Bad and Good

Fast Fridays for God, Country, and Health

Trump Must Apologize for COVID Insanity

Vaccine Mandates Violate America's Most Basic Promise

COVID Vaccines Are Deadliest Ever

Southwest Airlines Lied All Weekend

Smoke of Satan Gets In Your Eyes

General Milley Disgraces the Military

St. Louis Blues Impose Vaccing and Mask Mandate on Fans? Here's How to Get a Refund on Your Tickets

UPDATES: St Louis County Imposes New Mask Mandate

What Happens in Australia

Science Is Dead Says Joe Biden

Let Us Remember Sailors Lost — Guest Post

Who Is Darrell Dean?

A Nation Without Virtue

Honor LCPL Jared Schmitz, USMC: UPDATES

I Served a Different Country

Vaccines Do Not Prevent Serious COVID Cases

After Biden, the Bimbo

The Biden Death Watch Begins

Hard Medicine: It's Your Responsibility to be Prepared for COVID

Taiwan Next Domino to Fall

Biden on Permanent Vacation

Missouri Governor Calls for Vaccination Apartheid: Internment Camps Coming

Internment Camps for the Unvaccinated Are Coming to America

Disturbing the Peace

Hateful, Cruel, and Mean: Popes Attack on Traditional Catholics

What Would God Want?

How Our Attachments Keep Us Down

IRS Declares God a Republican

What Happens When You Cheat

Poke the Bigs in the Eye

God Needs You Strong in Body, Mind, and Soul

Big Story Coming. But First, Let's Talk About Your Diet.

To Fallen Warriors and Those They Left Behind

Election Audits Under Demonic Attack — Let Us Pray for Deliverance

Life Is a Cliffhanger, thank God

Spitirual Warfare: Pray for Father James Altman Whose Bishop Ordered Him to Resign. UPDATE

Politics Is Downstream of the Preternatural

Why the Gop Hides Election Fraud

Leftist Internet Company Shuts Down Truth Over Fear Summit

Who Was Behind the Lockdowns

Missouri Pandemic Lockdown Tearing Families Apart Victims Want Answers at Public Forum in State Capitol

Sir Martin Rees and His Thousand-Dollar Bet

The Zombie Apocalype Is Coming, but It Won't Look Like The Walking Dead

This Is What I've Been Afraid to Say: America Is Not Worth Saving

Vaccine Passports and Tributes to Pagan Gods

The 4 Archetypes of Totalitarian Eras

I don't know how I know these things

PANIC: FDA Halts J&J COVID Vacccine Due to Deadly Blood Clots

Our Help Is in the Name of the Lord

This Is What Will Happen

End of Baseball

A Hill to Die On

Does Missouri Prefer Money or Freedom?

Nike Conjures Satan

Care Less

Goodbye Google, You Evil Scum

Ignore Social Media That Hate You

We Have Nowhere Else to Turn

Why Should We Forgive Those Who Mean Us Harm?

My Secret Plan for America