Trump Must Apologize for COVID Insanity

It’s time for Donald Trump to admit he was wrong. Wrong about the lockdown and wrong about Operation Warp Speed.

The Lockdown #

On March 16, 2020, President Trump held a fateful press conference at which he launched the lockdown. The slogan, “15 Days to Stop the Spread,” entered the American lexicon, and our economy ground to a halt. As the Brownstone Institute described in an important article:

This moment in history kicked off a radical upheaval of almost all aspects of economics, law, and public health, bankrupting hundreds of thousands of businesses, breaking supply chains the world over, creating a painful labor shortage, inspiring unprecedented levels of public debt accumulation, enabling a monetary inflation without modern precedent, and creating strife, division, and general anger and demoralization among the public. From a policy perspective, it paved the way for the vaccine mandates that are causing millions to lose their jobs.

Six-hundred and twelve (612) days later, most of the formerly free world is a dystopian, one-world totalitarian wasteland of permanent unemployment, panic, group hatred, and forced genetic modifications. Inflation is out of control, store shelves are empty, and a majority of Americans expect or hope that the United States dissolve into two or more countries.

A reasonable person must conclude that the response to the Coronavirus has been a humanitarian disaster. A disaster for which Donald Trump will receive 100 percent of the blame the minute he announces his campaign for President. Along with the consequences of lockdown, the Democrat Party and its propaganda organ in the press will blame Trump for the rushed vaccines that bypassed testing and killed hundreds of thousands while failing to stop the spread of the virus.

You know it’s coming as sure as you’re reading this sentence.

The only way Trump can interrupt the Democrats' plans to hang this dystopian noose around Trump’s head is to beat them to the punch.

Trump does not apologize or admit error. We know that about him. When called out on a mean tweet, Trump doubles down. He does not apologize because he feels apologies appear weak. But, with the free world on verge of total collapse, Trump has no moral choice. As the Brownstone Institute’s article points out:

Trump’s words unleashed it all at this historic and catastrophic event, while demonstrating little regard to the Bill of Rights, historic liberties, or the experience of thousands of years of public health experience.

No matter what kind of wicked, malicious advice Trump was given, he was the President. He made the call.

Trump has said repeatedly that launching “15 Days to Slow the Spread” was the hardest, most painful decision of his life. I believe him implicitly. Trump also said from the start, all of his advisers with expertise in these areas told him, “Sir, you have to do it.”

Following the launch of “15 Days to Slow the Spread,” Sweden announced its “herd immunity” strategy, a strategy I proposed on May 16, 2020.

The most humane approach to Coronavirus is to let it spread without overwhelming the hospitals in any location. Mitigation orders, such as wearing masks, stay-at-home orders, and maintaining six feet of distance, while well-intentioned, actually prolong the agony, except when required in places that are in danger of overwhelming the hospital system.

Sweden’s approached worked. Our didn’t. Donald Trump owes it to himself, to the United States, and to history to admit he fell for bad advice from a conflicted career bureaucrat whose track record regarding public health is, at best, mediocre.

What Trump has to say about the lockdown:

I made one promise to you throughout my campaign and presidency: I will never let you down. [Pause] I am here to tell you that that was the one promise I couldn’t keep.

When I destroyed the greatest economy in the history of the world, I thought I was surrounded by the smartest people in the world. I wasn’t. We’ve learned that Doctor Fauci and others involved had grave conflicts of interest. I believe their advice was designed to maximize their personal financial gain with complete disregard for the lives, liberties, and happiness of the American people. I should have known better.

And Trump must go further.

The Vaccines and Operation Warp Speed #

Trump’s overselling of the COVID vaccines threatens human rights more than the temporary lockdowns. The vaccines could wipe out a third of the population while having almost no effect on the spread of the disease. In 2020, promises of a “beautiful vaccine” that would protect us all from the “plague” gave people hope and alleviated their fears. But Operation Warp Speed allowed malicious actors in the pharmaceutical industry to, not only bypass important safety and effectiveness tests, but to strong-arm countries, hospitals, and doctors to promote a virtual monopoly for vaccines over all other treatments.

It was Trump’s overselling of the vaccine that led to vaccine passports and medical tyranny, all designed to pad the pockets of pharmaceuticals fat cats and shield public health officials like Fauci from the opprobrium of having been dead wrong about the seminal professional moment of their lives.

The humanitarian damage done by these hideous vaccines cannot be measured right now. Only hindsight will expose just how destructive the vaccine mania has been to human life. What we do know now, however, is staggering:

  • The vaccines do not prevent contracting the disease

  • They do not prevent transmission of the disease

  • They do not prevent serious cases

  • They do not prevent death from COVID

  • They are the deadliest and most debilitating vaccines ever released

  • They have triggered a bifurcation of the human race into feuding tribes of the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated

  • They have coerced at least three one-time representative democracies to adopt fascist totalitarianism

That’s just a small sampling of the inhumane horrors triggered by the existence of these nefarious vaccines and the billions of dollars tempting pharmaceutical executives and public servants. Moreover, the idea of vaccine mandates inspires psychopaths in government to seize totalitarian power to rule over others.

For overselling what turns out to be a failed experiment with vaccines, rushed to market without proper testing, Donald Trump owes us an apology and a promise to undo the damage. Here is what he should say:

I was so proud of Operation Warp Speed. Everybody said, “You can’t get a vaccine to market in less than five, six years.” But we did, and billions of people have received those vaccines. Now, we know those vaccines are less effective and more dangerous than we were told.

Again, it seems the desire for popularity, including myself, and greed drove some people to cut corners and even withhold data about the tests. We just learned in the New England Journal of Medicine that the vaccines lose their effectiveness in as little as two months. Meanwhile, we’ve all watched in horror as people who’ve received the shots have seen their lives ruined by heart disease, neurological disorders, and chronic blood clots. There’s been a six-thousand percent increase in professional athletes collapsing with heart failure. Clearly, while Operation Warp Speed succeeded in getting a drug to market in record time, it was not worth the cost.

Worse, the mere availability of the drug has inspired psychopathic “leaders” in many countries to sweep basic human liberties under the rug and replacing democracy with totalitarian dictatorships. This us-versus-them mentality must end. The vaccines must be returned to the laboratory for improvement and testing. And, as the man who launched Operation Warp Speed, I promise to restore sanity and order to our approach to this disaster.

Trump’s window to make this apology and promise is closing.

The Narrative Will Shift #

Don’t let Biden’s rhetoric fool you. The defects of the vaccines and the cost of the lockdown are undeniable. Even those who defend vaccine mandates know in their hearts the vaccines are ineffective and dangerous.

At some point, polling will show groundswell of opposition to boosters and blood clots. That’s when the media and the administration will pivot to hang it all on Trump.

If, however, Trump gets in front of this groundswell, he can save lives and prevent further erosion of liberty. A heartfelt apology and promise to fix the errors would transform Donald Trump into a statesman.