Southwest Airlines Lied All Weekend

UPDATE: SWA stock ended down 4.17% on the day as cancellations continued unabated throughout the day and are expected worsen as the vaccine deadline approaches.

Southwest Airlines cancelled over 2,000 flight last weekend (October 8-11). Southwest and the drive-by media blamed “weather.” CNN reported “extreme weather” across the USA all weekend forced the cancellations. Cancellations are continuing into the busienss week.

If you live anywhere in the US, you knew it was all a lie, and, today, Southwest CEO admitted his company lied about the cause of the cancelled flights and stranded travellers.

You Can’t Trust Southwest #

As numerous sources reported all weekend, the cancellations were caused by a “sick-out” by Southwest fight crews and Jacksonville, Florida, air traffic controllers. The sick-outs were a protest over Southwest Airline’s vaccine mandate.

Unwilling to admit that its own, illegal vaccine mandate caused tens of thousands of their customers to be stranded, Southwest, instead, conspired with major media to push a false weather narrative. (Southwest’s stock was down 1.3 percent in midday trading Monday.)

Expect Many More Travel Shutdowns #

Airline pilots with Southwest and most other major US airlines are warning their friends that this weekend was only a shot across the bow. Pilots, flight attendants, and traffic controllers plan to make holiday flying impossible unless airlines and the FAA rescind vaccine mandates.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas travel times approaching, travelers should be warned: if you get where you’re going, you might not get back home.

I Support the Sick-Outs #

In 2020 and 2021, the oligarchs imposed a shutdown on American citizens. Now it’s our turn to do it to them. A shutdown on our terms, at a time and location we choose.

More than that, we need surprise, random shutdowns that destroy the business value, good will, and reputations of companies that attempt to impose vaccine mandates on their employees or customers.

The US economy is more vulnerable now that it has been since 2008. Some economists and bankers are saying we already in a recesssion, and with GDP growth at a measely 1% last quarter, they might be right.

If you support freedom and oppose medical tyranny, do what you can to disrupt the oligarchs:

  • Stop spending, stop spending, stop spending

  • Vow to give only handmade gifts for Christmas — nothing store-bought

  • Make do with what you have. No convenience purchases

  • Spend less time online, since many oligarchs make most of their money from your online activity

  • Do not fly. Drive if you must travel

  • Support anyone who takes action against tyrannical, woke corporations

We might not be able to win this thing, but we can sure cause pain to the oligarchs.