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2016 Could Be a Very Bad Year

How Missourians can access military bases after January 10

Here's Why New York Drops the Ball at Midnight

One thing the military teaches that business school doesn't

Why Did the Pritzkers Donate to Greitens?

It Can Happen Again—The Big Short Movie

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Party Like It's 1992

Missouri's 2016 Electorate Very Different from 2012

It's Time to Choose

The GOP Establishment Is a Cancer on America

The Big Short

Guest Post: My Night With the Klan, Part 3

Dr. Strangedebate (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the GOP)

Guest Post: My Night With the Klan, Part 2

Guest Post: My Night With the Klan, Part 1

The UN Game

Is the Cardinals’ Reign Over?

America is for Americans

The Unbearable Lightness of Being There

Loretta Lynch Mob **UPDATE**

Police LT Mike Madden Paints Picture of Jihadi Death

Up From Political Correctness

The Conversion Odyssey

I know it was you, Fredo

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

John “The Weasel” Brunner

Slay Poverty

Our military leaders are no Pattons

Mizzou Protests Were About Abortion All Along

The Only Rule of Engagement Will Be Victory

The torch has been passed

It’s time for Democrats to abandon Obama

The Week: November 15, 2015

Paris Attacks Expose The Narcissists of Mizzou

What we need in America is more Irish

Hysterical Yale student embarrasses herself on video

The Week

Are abortionists manipulating Mizzou's black athletes?

Learning to be wrong

The Debate for Bad Journalists

Conservatism Is The New Black

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Whip It. Whip It Good.

Send Dan Hyatt to Jefferson City

The MTC's Newest Fight Is For Its Life

Why can't presidential candidates talk like this?

I hate writing this post

I am honored to question the GOP candidates for you and Heritage

There Is No Liberty Without Pursuit of Happiness

Get to Westport Plaza on September 26 at 11:00 a.m.

Trump: The final nail in the conservative coffin?

Why Welfare Reform Must Continue

Why poverty is a conservative issue

Same-Sex Marriage Is a Tax Problem

Find Out What I've Been Up To

Republicans Worst-Case Scenario?


Trump: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Quick Note on Market

Results of the Cabinet Matching Game

Trump's Immigration Fans Need to Read Wong Kim Ark

Fascinating Results from Leaders Eat Last Poll

Who's Really Left in the GOP Field?

One Question for Carly Fiorina

What Is The Difference Between Leadership and Service?

You Have a New Son, America

What Is Leadership?

We Were Once the Party of Ideas and Optimism

Why Smart Phones Are More Popular Than the Tea Party

The Compassionate Alternative to Raising the Minimum Wage

How to Sell Conservative Principles

Request for Interview: Police Foot Patrol

America Has a Job To Do

A Day of Hope, Prayer, and Clean-up in Ferguson

911 Beauty Salon Targeted by Looters. Please Help

Do You Really Want Your Principles to Win?

Overnight in Ferguson: "A remarkable amount of gunfire out there"

Incredible video of shooting in Ferguson

Why Bother?

Fill the Cabinet

What Good Issued From the Candidate Debate?

We Deserve Better

Enjoy Your Weekend More

Readers Overwhelmingly Believe in a Service Ethic

I’m Pissed That I’m Pissed

Poll: Which Candidate Qualities Matter Most?

Farewell, Joe LeGrand

Tea Partiers in St. Louis See Things a Bit Differently

I was an immigrant

How to kill a movement

Dissolve the Empty See (MTC)

Keep Missouri Money in Missouri with TEA

Analysis of Donald Trump Poll

Poll: What Do You Think About Service?

Free eBook of National Service Posts

A Conservative Missouri Service Program--Part 5

Why Conservatives Should Get Involved—Part 4

What’s Wrong With The Franklin Project? – Part 3

Buckley vs. Friedman on Service-Part 2

Fact and Fiction of the Franklin Project--Part 1

Analysis of 2016 GOP Governor Poll

Donald Trump Poll

Transportation in the 21st Century Event

Can John Brunner's Consultant Do His Duty?

The Entire World Is a Sick Joke

Politics Is War By Other Means

Not Just Wrong--Evil

Eric Greitens’ Shocking Revelation Could Shatter People’s Faith

Chili Palmer

Republican Governor Poll

Jefferson’s Greatest Idea

RANT: Metropolitan Taxicab Commission Is Killing Capitalism

China Is Crashing and Greece Is Spinning Out of Control

A Dangerous Misunderstanding of Debt

Greece Rejects Central Banksters

St. Louis Uber Nada

The Corner Prosperity Is Just Around Is Miles From Where We’re Standing

You Are In Control

Charleston, South Carolina

Who's Rambling Now?

Take a Walk on the Hedonic Treadmill

Hypocrisy of the Left on Self-Identification

Activist Ron Calzone Sues Missouri Over Omnibus Bill

Breaking: White House Shuffles Export Import Management (parody)

Come to Export Import Speaking and Gathering This Saturday at Paddy O's

I finally finished reading Resilience by Eric Greitens

Why the Export Import Bank Matters Now

Going Home

The Lazy Person's Cure for Herpes Ex-Im

There's One Person to Blame if Blues Disappointed You

Approaching Excellence

It's a Beautiful Spring Day, And Dellena Struggles to Stay In Business

We All Need a Drink

How to Know You're Doing the Right Thing

What's In Your Medicine Cabinet?

Low Interest Rates Hid True Cost of Increasing Debt

The SEAL, the Race, and the CEO

The Greater of Two Goods

Mastering One's Domain

This Guy Puts People to Work

I Am a Coward (but I'm trying to get better)

Mike Flynn for Congress

Schools Don't Need More Technology--They Need Less

You Are Entitled to Nothing

The GOP's Sad New Whisper Campaign **UPDATE**

Will the Left Fund a Campaign to "Fix" Missouri? **UPDATE**

How to Recruit Better Political Candidates

The Ridiculous Thing I Gave Up for Lent

3 Questions. And I want some damn answers

Which Two Industries Suck Most at Customer Service?

Why It's Good To Be Wrong

How Emphasis on Race Hurts Efforts to Reform Municipal Courts

What To Do With the DOJ Report on Ferguson

Why Hope Beats Anger

Providence and Hope in Missouri

Missouri Deserves Better

Allman in the Mourning


What Is Success?

Some Thoughts on Tom Schweich

Tom Schweich, RIP

What the hell got me involved in politics to begin with?

This Seems Like a Really Big Win

The New Russian Empire

The tangled web of net neutrality

I Might Abandon the GOP in 2016

34 to 0: Good Ideas Are Hard to Fight

Maybe Police Officers Would Rather Be Tax Collectors

Do the Speed-Trap Mayors Want You To Drive Dangerously?

How to Define Tom Schweich With One Word

Boehner's Purge

Here's How a Mere Mortal Becomes Speaker of the House