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Breaking News: Multiple Deputies Down in Shooting South of Denver (Active)

Here's what will happen in 2018 election (POLL)

Breaking: State Department releases Huma Abedin emails found on Weiner's hard drive

Looking ahead to season four of Trump: The President

2018: The beginning of the end of the Fourth Turning in America

2018 will change American culture at its core

4 Years Ago Today, I Predicted de Blasio Would Ruin New York City

Liberals Are Not the Enemy

Trump Instigates NFL Labor Dispute

NFL Losing a Laugher (Video)

Jack Kemp Stood for Civil Rights . . . And America

President Trump Popped the NFL's Biggest Zit

Villanueva Was Wrong

What Else Can You Do?

Franco Harris: All American

NFL Hates Football Fans; Fire Them All

Hear Exactly What Jim Hoft and I Think of the Fake News Media

Finally! A President Stands Tall

Fire Jeff Session

Flush the Clapper. It Stinks!

Equifax Update: More Breaches, More Lies

Trump Was Right! Obama White House 'Wiretapped' Paul Manafort **UPDATE**

Leftists Turn Against Nancy

Chuck and Nancy and Donald and Mitch and Paul


Counselling Sessions

No Mercy for Equifax: Stock Price Zero

The Strategy That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Did Mark and Andrew Madoff Profit from Bernie's Crimes?

Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario in North Korea

Next: The Great Lefty Shark Jump

Laugh at them, not with them

Houston's Gift

Now, America Is Back!

Character and Leadership in Houston

I still think James Comey is a felon, and the FBI is corrupt

Paul Ryan's Spokesperson Renounces Support for Antifa

Who Can Stop the Antifa Caliphate?

A Military Strategist's View of Antifa

President Trump's Only Failure

Harvey vs. Trump

How the Statue Wars Will End

In 3 Minutes You'll Be Able Fend Off Any Verbal Attack About Trump

USS John S. McCain

"We Are Killing Terrorists"

What Kind of Person Are You?

Peace Through Violence: CNN's Radical Chic Moment

Who's a Racist?

What Is Character?

What Was Good About Charlottesville

How Greitens Protected Privacy in Missouri

How to Ignore the News

Foxconn's Hiring and Mooch Is Safe

Priebus Over-Under (under)

Regarding Jeff Sessions

Why You Must See Dunkirk

Feeling Exposed and Protected

UPDATE: Kid Rock Winning MI Senate Race

Free Forever Through Stoicism

Senator Rock: Who's the Joke? (offensive) VIDEO

Sorry If Governor Greitens Hurts Your Feelings

We Can Make Missouri More Like Illinois

War & Tariffs: What to do about North Korea

First 13er President: A Gen X Independence Day

Greatest 4th of July! WrestlemaniaCNNTakeDown! (Video)

I disavow every Republican who disavowed Trump's tweets

When the Russian Narrative Broke

A Terrible Day for the Navy Family

Spy Tactics for Conservatives: 7 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself


How the Washington Post Radicalizes Murderers (video)

Why I'm Betting on an Indictment of Comey

No Obstruction. No Collusion. He's a Leaker. UPDATES

James Comey's Review of Donald Trump

Gullible Evil Losers at CNN Criticize London Cops for Using Too Many Bullets. UPDATE

Shark-Jumping Update: the Left Is Losing It

How Kathy Griffin Helped Trump, Based on Brain Science

Is the New York Times blackmailing FBI and CIA?

America Is Back!

Seth Rich Murder Case Closing In On Clinton Crime Family

Study Links Journalism, Stupidity

Fox News' Ratings Collapse Is Almost Complete. Here's Why.

How "Healthy" Diets Kill You and Your Family

Persuasion and Fat

Why I'm Not Freaking Out About the Budget

Action First Persuasion

Ted Cruz: Mensch!

Democrats Ruin the World (f-bombs included!)

You Might Be Thinking About 'Passion' All Wrong

False Flag or Not

What Do I Mean By "Narrative"

Trump Launched 59 Cruise Missiles at Leftist Narratives

The Right Question to Bring Down Susan Rice

Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump *UPDATE 2*

The Day Reagan Was Shot

Trump's Next Move: Infrastructure

How to Neuter a Crossing Guard

Without Power, Principles Are Platitudes

Jobs Trump Healthcare

Antibiotic-Resistent Bacterium: Obamacare

7 Questions for the Freedom Caucus

Paul Ryan's Battle of Kasserine Pass


Obamacare Repeal Vote Results (Prediction)

Healthcare Strategy: Ignore Government Diet Advice

Healthcare Strategy Beats Hyperventilating

You Can't Unsee This

Reagan Gives Trump's Budget TWO THUMBS UP!

Trump, The Jobs President

Many Times Trump's Crazy Statements Turned Out to Be Right

BACKFIRE: Psychological Tricks Used to Advance Russian Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump's Crazy Ivan

John McCain's Most Evil Sin

When Democrats Loved 'em Some Ruskies

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Trump Rally in Ballwin, Missouri Saturday

Trump Rally Missouri

How to Tell a Lie

How ObamaCare Benefits from the Scarcity Heuristic

Give McCain a Break

The Joy of Trump

Greatest Presser Ever. Wow. Stunned Happy.

Slouching Towards the Climax

The Resistance: Defined

People Want You Dead

Government Diet Makes You Fat and Kills You

Why Are You Letting Your Doctor Kill You?

How to Hold Your Breath for 3 Minutes

Unprotected Sects

American Steel

Black Lives Don't Matter to American Liberals

Terrible Day for NeverTrump—Great Day for the Constitution

Sean Spicer and the White House Press Corp Proved Me 100% Right

How to Spot Journalism's Psychosis

Breaking: San Antonio Mall Shooting: One Dead, Six Wounded, Armed Citizen Shot Murderer

Trump Meant It All

Rebuilding St. Louis

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Welcome to the America of Our Dreams

America's Business is Jobs, Not College

Stan Kroenke's Long Con Has Just Started

You Don't Hear "Big Data" Much Anymore, And For That I'm Thankful

We Tore It Apart—We Can Rebuild It