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2013 Will Go Down As A Very Weird Year

Why Progressives and New Yorkers Should Fear Bill de Blasio

Why Christmas 2013 Is The Most Important Christmas Ever

Merry Christmas

This I know to be true

Ghosts Organize in Alton, Illinois

How the AP, Huffpo, and Business Insider Lie About Climate

How Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, and A&E Killed the Gay Moment

Here's a Secret about the GOP My Friends Told Me Not To Share

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Divergent

Guest Post: An Open Letter to Millennials from Bob the Retiree

How to Regain Control Over Government

My Favorite St. Louis Tea Party Wasn't a Tea Party At All

What Was The High Water Mark for St. Louis Tea Party?

How Cliches Can Scratch Your Back

How is Obama's Julia Like Pristomyrmex Punctatus?

What Would Buckley Do?

Know When To Fight Your Own

How to Avoid Collateral Damage When Hunting for RINOs

Here's the Most Encouraging Thing John Boehner Ever Said

4 Reasons Why House Republicans Should Pass a Clean Debt Ceiling Bill Now *UPDATE*

Organizers Needed for Truckers Drive for the Constitution in St. Louis

Obama's Loathsome War on WWII Vets Deserves Our Scorn and Fury

Shutdown Week Could Turn Into Big Win for Republicans

I've Learned the House GOP Is A Lot Tougher Than Senate

Why I Expect Much More of Republicans on Obamacare

How Roy Blunt Failed Missouri Today

How Lonely Is Roy Blunt?

Mitch McConnell Vows To Help Harry Reid Fund Obamacare

Why Millennials Will Be Poor Their Whole Lives

Did Obama Aid the Kenyan Mall Massacre?

Evolution of Government

Why the Fed Will End Itself. With a Disaster

House Unites To Defund Obamacare

What Happens When You Count Your Blessings?

How You Can Help a Brave Missouri Senator and Win an AR-15

Here's the Secret to Finding a Perfect Candidate That No one's Telling You About: Guest Post

Guest Post: Why is it that we expect more from elected public servants than from ourselves?

Who Will Be America’s Clothing Czar

Firing John Kerry Is Obama’s Only Hope for Credibility

Obama’s Utterly Incoherent Syria Strategy

Eric Cantor and the Trojan Rabbit

White House Common Sense Test Is Bassackwards

Republicans Need Marketing Consultants

I Had a Nightmare

Little Wars Waste Lives. Go Big Or Stay Home

8 Reasons I Oppose War in Syria

Have You Noticed How Political Lines Are Blurring?

Am I Crazy If I Don't Believe the President?

How Ann Wagner Should Commit to Defunding Obamacare

And the inspiring truth about teachers

The Devastating Truth About Teachers' Unions

50 Years Later Dr. King’s Dream Becomes a Night Terror

Why Self-governance Training Is the Most Important Training You’ll Ever Receive

What Can Missouri Legislators Learn From 19th Century St. Louis Politicians?

August 15 Is The Next After Party with Heritage Tavern

How I Would Vote on Gay Marriage Cases

Here’s A Great Way To Connect to America’s Founding: 1776

There Were No Rogue Agents In the IRS Scandal

One Word Explains the Avalanche of Obama Scandals

Let’s Buy David Hanneberry a New Boat

Thin-Slicing, Experts, and the Power of the Human Brain Help Capture Suspect Two Alive

San Francisco Is The Liberal Dream

Thoughts on Boston Marathon Bombing

This Is What Evil Looks Like In Action **UPDATES**

The April After Party is Thursday at Yacovelli’s

One Strong Leader Can Keep Congress In Line

Kudos to President Obama For Touching the Third Rail

This. Not That.

I Will Be On Panel at Show-Me Cannabis Conference April 13

Maybe It’s the New Season of Mad Men

Hey Reince Priebus: Fire Mike Shields

Two US House Members From Missouri Want to Protect Your Bank Deposits. You Can Help.

Tuesday Is Election Day. Here's What You Need to Know

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Today Is National Stomp On Marx Day

Use This One Word Because It Makes You More Influential

ACTION: You Can Save the 2nd Amendment in Missouri *UPDATE* Senate Committee Approves the Bill

Get Rewarded Just For Reading Hennessy's View

Before You Slam the Loudons for Reality TV Show, Watch This

It Begins: US Plans to Tax Deposits in Swiss Accounts

Palm Sunday Snowstorm of 2013

We Need a Stronger Third Eye

Rockwood School District Wants More Money But State Audit Found It Mismanages The Money It Has

How the Condorcet Method Could Save The GOP

The Weednesday Post: You Want the UN Deciding Your State’s Laws?

If You Want Fewer Abortions, Stop Talking About How Many There Are

Vote No on Proposition P on April 2

Trust Is a Bigger Problem for GOP Than Marketing

If You Vote in Kirkwood School District, Listen Up

Here's Why John Danforth's Attack On Ed Martin Is So Bad for the GOP

One Sentence Explains Everything About Pope Francis

Why Compromise Is Like Half a Boob Job

Why the Missouri DOR’s Enhanced Interrogation Methods Should Make You Mad

Breaking: Dem Appointed Director of Missouri Revenue Caught Lying to Senate

The Weednesday Post: Guess How Much Marijuana Prohibition Costs Missouri

I Will Not Debate Definitions

Why Libertarian Kids, Not Drones, Scare McCain and Graham

What Climate Scientists Aren’t Telling You About Global Warming

This Is What It’s Like To Take Ownership Of Your Own Life

Head To Jefferson City Wednesday To Fight Common Core and Medicaid Expansion

St. Louis City Fathers Freak Out Because Police Sergeant Gary Wiegert Lobbies For Sane Marijuana Reforms

Why John McCain Wants the GOP To Go First

The WEEDnesday Post: Here’s What Happens When a Missouri Teen Gets Caught With a Little Bit of Pot

How To Get More Twitter Followers

Republicans Lose Because They Don’t Attract Enough Conservatives

Don’t Miss The Brain Study That Tells You How to Influence Democrats

Shane Schoeller Is The New MOGOP Executive Director And That’s Great News For Missouri Republicans

Ambition Comes In Good and Bad Flavors

The Establishment’s Creed

Weednesday Post: Why The GOP Needs To Champion Marijuana Law Reform

The Best Grilling Of Bernanke Came From Senator Elizabeth Warren And Republicans Should Be Ashamed

Conscious Capitalism:The One Book Every Conservative Must Read

Here’s How the RNC Rules Committee Fiasco Really Went Down

Why GOP Pandering to Young Voters Backfires

Why The Sequester Is Worse Now Than It Will Be After It Happens

The Republican Party Seems Bent On Self-Destruction

Did Prostitutes In Business Suits Cost Ed Martin A Place On The Rules Committee?

Here’s The Dirty Little Secret About Teachers Nobody Is Telling You About

Don’t Let Missouri’s Businesspeople Become Prostitutes in Business Suits

How We Fool Ourselves With Numbers

Ed Martin’s Grit Overwhelms Establishment’s Power

Our Tax Code: The Fustercluck From Which Everything Rancid Crawls

Congress Just Increased Deficits By $4 Trillion, And All I Got Was 2.9% Tax Increase

It’s Time To End War On Weed