Jan 14, 2022·edited Jan 14, 2022

The FLCCC group (Kory) you cite had their protocol MATH+ study (later I-MASK+) which includes ivermectin was withdrawn from the Journal of Intensive Care Medicine due to incorrect numbers/faulty math (no pun intended). A second IVM meta-analysis/systematic review they published (your reference) was also refuted this week in the same journal in which it was published. That review contained individual IVM studies with fraud, plagiarism, lack of blinding, allocation bias, impossible data points, lack of registration or study guideline (STROBE/CONSORT) adherence, use of active controls, unequal covariates [risks], unequal treatments, failed or improper randomization, and absent or incorrect statistics. https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/Fulltext/2022/02000/Meta_Analyses_Do_Not_Establish_Improved_Mortality.11.aspx

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