August 4, 2018

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Matt Doell: The Ru Paul of Eureka

Matt Doell pretending to be a Republican is the greatest display of cross-dressing since the Broadway premiere of La Cage Aux Folles.1

If you live in Missouri House district 110 (Eureka, Pacific, Wildwood), Matt Doell has been molesting your mailbox with personal attacks on his opponent, Dottie Bailey. (Read voter reactions to Doell’s dirt campaign here and here.)

You might have noticed that Doell (I call him Droopy) never attacks Dottie’s positions on issues like jobs, education, the Second Amendment, taxes, crime, etc. That’s because Dottie Bailey’s positions on issues are 100% consistent with the views of her district.

(Doell’s desperate, failed MEC complaint is here.)

But Matt Doell’s views on those issues are more in line with voters in San Francisco.  He would make a great Democrat. In fact, many people who’ve met him think he is a Democrat. A Democrat in Republican clothing. That’s because Doell is a Democrat in everything that matters.

Because Matt Doell can’t run on his horrendous record with the Rockwood School Board and he cannot defend his positions within Eureka, Pacific, and Wildwood, he resorts to personal attacks on his opponent.

Happily, this will all be over on Tuesday, August 7. Go out and vote for the only conservative grassroots activist in the race. Dottie Bailey is on the Wall of Honor at the Heritage Foundation, Ronald Reagan’s favorite think-tank.

**Dottie Bailey is certified conservative like you. **

  1. Paraphrased from Patrick J. Buchanan’s speech at the 1988 Reppublican National Convention.