August 2, 2018

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Doell Slammed by Ethics Commission for Phony Complaint

Matt Doell made a desperate attempt to sick the MEC on Hennessy’s View. Makes me so happy.

But the MEC shot Doell down like a hovering duck.

From the MEC’s official “Wah-wah” letter to the Doell campaign:

Therefore, the Commission is not accepting this complaint.

Doell’s failed complaint centers on my blog posts that criticize his performance as a member of the Rockwood School Board. For your convenience, here’s the list of my blogs criticizing Rockwood during Doell’s seven-year tenure:

** Bad Judgment on Rockwood School Board (or something worse?) ** Quick Math Facts on Rockwood School District Tax History. UPDATE: RDS Servers Bouncing? ** Rockwood School Board Quid Pro Quo? ** Eileen Tyrrell Is Only Rockwood Candidate In It For All Stakeholders ** Rockwood School District Wants More Money But State Audit Found It Mismanages The Money It Has

Doell’s failed MEC complaint specified my July 24 blog, “Quick Math Facts.” Doell, whose skin is apparently thinner than water soup, doesn’t like it when we talk about his public record. Or when we talk Rockwood’s embarrassing history during his tenure.

The Ethics Commission points out that Doell failed to read the law. In other words, Doell either failed to understand the law or he ignored the law in hopes of creating a scandal where none exists. (On the plus side, it’s good to know he’s a regular reader of

Because Doell’s record is so weak, he’s now resorting to personal attacks on his opponent, Dottie Bailey. His henchmen have even launched a website dedicated to personal attacks on Dottie. Because Doell has nothing else to run on. (About which more in due course.)

For the record, I’m very proud to support Dottie Bailey for Missouri and to serve as her treasurer.

Here are Doell’s failed complaint AND the beautiful MEC letter shooting Doell down. (Suitable for framing.) (Click images for easier reading.)

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MEC Letter Rejecting Doell’s Complaint[/caption]

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Matt Doell’s Frivolous Failed Complaint[/caption]