August 2, 2018

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Breaking: Droopy Matt Doell Gets Dirty

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Droopy (or Disgusting?) Matt Doell[/caption]

Voters in House District 110 are asking why they received such a “disgusting” flyer from candidate Matt Doell.

Answer: Probably because he’s losing badly.

Matt Doell has decided to get dirty. And personal. And mean. (Horrible internals?)

While Dottie Bailey has knocked doors, attended coffees, and generally met with voters, Matt Doell rubbed elbows with hot-shots and union bosses and avoided anything that looks like an “ordinary person.” Like you.

Now, with a week to go in the campaign, Doell is flooding mailboxes with a desperate series of personal, ad-hominem attacks on his opponent. Disgusting, indeed. Should we call him “Disgusting Doell” or “Droopy Doell.”

(I kinda like Droopy.)

After I reminded voters of Matt Doell’s weak public record, Doell got personal.

It’s a shame that Doell would droop to this level. Sad, really.

Luckily, Dottie is getting tons of text messages, emails, and phone calls from strangers telling her Doell’s sleazy tactics had the opposite effect: Everybody in Wildwood, Eureka, and Pacific is voting for Dottie.

From a 110th Voter like you:

Stay strong! I did see the flyer and it disgusted me . . . Make this a learning moment keep it relevant to your mission and thank him for showing his true colors.  Sending hugs.

What color is sleaze?

If you’re tired of sleazy politicians like Doell**, vote for Dottie on August 7. **

Now, read how the Missouri Ethics Commission slammed Doell.