If Democrats Refuse to Help, Return To Normal Immediately

If Democrats Refuse to Help, Return To Normal Immediately

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Democrats are bent on plunging America into an economic depression. Democrats love misery.

While I’ve been in favor of “overreacting” to the coronavirus pandemic, we will have no choice but to simply return to status quo ante without immediate economic relief.

I urge President Trump to give 24 hours to pass the Republican Senate emergency relief bill. If it hasn’t passed, end the national emergency, rescind all disaster declarations declared on behalf of states, and order the DOJ and the National Guard to guarantee freedom of speech, movement, religion, and commerce in every state.

With millions of Americans suddenly thrown out of work, the disgusting Democrats are using human misery as a bludgeon.

For President Trump, here’s the speech:

We have a cure: chloroquine + azithromycin + zinc sulfate once a day for 5 days. The economy is on the verge of total collapse, taking civilization with it. Democrats will not help me prevent that collapse. Therefore, I am ordering everything back to normal.

No doctor will be sued or prosecuted for off-label prescription or distribution of the coronavirus cocktail.

If you want to quarantine yourself, go ahead. But there will be no federal relief if you lose your job or business.

Go forth and make America great again.