December 4, 2019

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What Do Democrats Expect?

What Do Democrats Expect?

If Democrats cross the Rubicon by impeaching President Trump, they will be sending a strong signal: no Republican president will ever survive his first term.

How do you expect people to respond? I’m talking about the people President Obama derisively labeled “bitter clingers.”

The people RealPolitics data analyst Sean Trende identified as “downscale, Northern, rural … H. Ross Perot voters.”

Or, to put it another way, Tea Partiers.

How do Democrats expect the people who powered Perot and Trump to respond to a sham investigation, an illicit series of speed-hearings, and a preordained impeachment vote?

To answer that question, we should look at the message these voters, these patriots, these Americans will receive.

You Don’t Matter

The first lesson the Democrats hope Trump voters receive is that “you don’t matter.”

Your life doesn’t matter. Your children don’t matter. Your house, your job, you husband, your wife, your Christmas wish list don’t matter.

If you voted for Trump, you’re not a concern. You’re not worthy of our consideration. Your life is not worth living. Your medical problems are not worth treating. Your pregnant daughter is not worth protecting. Your dogs are not worth petting.

If you voted for Trump, you are not an American. And, if you died tomorrow, the world would be better off.

That’s the Democrats' first message. But they have more messages for you, dear Trump voter.

Your Vote Will Count No More

Democrats want you to know that you’re not allowed to vote anymore. And, if you do cheat by voting, your vote will be cast aside. Your ballot will be burned. Your “I Voted” sticker will be nothing more than a sniper’s target.

Elections are for progressives, and non-progressives (aka, “fascists”) need not bother. When a glitch results in bitter-clinger winning, we will take him out. And we will terrorize you in the process.

Oh, you’re a veteran? Too bad. Your vote doesn’t count.

You’re a cop? Your life doesn’t count, much less your vote.

You’re a university professor? Not after we find out. You’ll be unemployed and unemployable.

That’s the second message from the Democrats to America: your vote doesn’t count. But the Democrats have more.

You Are Slaves

Democrats won’t exterminate downscale, Northern rural whites or blacks who support Trump (like Kanye) or even Hispanics for Trump. Why?

Because the people who support Trump are the people who create wealth. Democrats don’t create wealth—they take it. And, when your lifestyle depends on taking the property of others, you need others who accumulate property. Especially property in the form a cash.

And the people who actually produce wealth in this country support President Trump. So the Democrats will need them as a source of wealth.

That’s how slavery works.

Dinesh D’Souza has meticulously documented the undeniable, unchallenged fact that slavery was a Democrat institution used to enrich Democrats through the forced labor of others. Democrats never gave up on slavery. They all still dream of living high on the work of others.

Modern Democrat slavery is far better for Democrats than the old 19th century edition. Today, you never actually have to meet your slave. You don’t have to run a plantation and hire slave masters and deal with runaways.

No, the 2019 version of slavery is cleaner. It’s a real estate investment trust, which allows investors to own rental property without having to deal with tenants and plumbing.

A Democrat’s favorite slave is a slave they never have to look in the eye.

If you’re a Trump voter, you are valuable as a slave and nothing else. That’s the Democrats' third message.

And they have one more.

You Are Not Human

Democrats believe they’ve evolved. And they’ve taken the definition of “human” with them. To a Democrat, if you’re not a Democrat, you’re not a human. You’re un-evolved. A Cro-Magnon or a Neanderthal. But you’re not human.

Democrats never considered blacks human, just as Hitler never considered Jews human. By identifying non-Democrats as sub-human, Democrats give themselves the moral permission to enslave or kill as needed.

If you’re not a Democrat, you’re not a human. So you should be grateful that they let you live, and you should thank your master for letting you be his slave.

How Will You Respond?

Trump voters and Trump supporters are beginning to realize that Democrats view them as sub-human slaves without rights who exist only to work for the benefit of the supreme species, homo democraticus. How will they respond?

If you know that you are about to become a slave, do flee? Do you submit? Or do you fight to the death like a cornered snake?

Don’t tread on me.