We've Never Been Closer to Totalitarianism

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Very scary thought: If the Democrats take over the House and Senate in January, they could impeach both Trump and Pence and try them in the Senate at the same time making Nancy Pelosi president.

You’ve Never Lived in a Time Like This One #

I’m almost old enough to remember the Democrat National Convention of 1968. Almost. What a show. 

Hippies and Yippies marching, tear gas, Mayor Daley, Buckley threatening to punch Gore Vidal on live TV. 

Some expected a civil war to break out. But Nixon won the election and seemed to calm things down. 

 Nixon’s economic policies and OPEC’s oil embargo were making prosperity a bridge too far. But Americans were ready for peace. Even the ones who supported our incursion into Vietnam. 

My mom and dad were born in the middle of the 1920s, the Jazz Age. By the time they started school, the Great Depression had begun. By the time they reached high school, WWII to was underway. By the time they were ready to start a family, Korea. By the time their youngest child was born, we were in Vietnam. 

Everybody was ready for peace in 1969. 

But the 2010s are not like the 1960s. In the 1960s, America was coming off the postwar high and experience the post-high spiritualism that always follows. The 60s, aside from the KGB’s influence, were a reaction against conformity. 

What’s happening in America today is very different. 

Welcome to the Climax #

First, the left in America, which includes all of the Democrat Party, thirsts for war the way a vampire thirsts for blood. They’re as blood-thirsty as the Nazis were in the 1930s or the Segregationists were in 1861. The Democrats want a war. 

Second, unlike the 1960s when the left rejected conformity, now the left demands conformity. Even thinking the wrong thoughts will cost you your job, ostracize you from social media, and label you as an evil person. 

When you combine a hatred of free thinking with a thirst for blood, you get civil war. 

Nancy Pelosi says the Democrats, should they gain a majority in the Congress, will impeach and remove from the bench Brett Kavanaugh. His high crime and misdemeanor? Defending himself against baseless charges. 

Meanwhile, Maxine Waters, who encourages leftists to use violence against free thinkers, posted the home addressed of three Republican Senators on Wikipedia. She’s denied it, of course, but Maxine’s computer posted the change. She’s as guilty as sin. 

And it gets worse. 

Institutions Are on The Other Side #

The FBI and the CIA, the Army and the Navy, are part of the deep state now. Where once they could be relied upon to fight to defend liberty and freedom, I don’t think we can count on that today. As we see with the FBI, these organizations are above the law (literally) and refuse to submit to civilian authority. These groups are licensed to kill, atheistic, and, like the new Democrats, hateful toward individualism and peace. 

The business world is dominated by a few gigantic corporations who, like German industry in the 1930s, find cooperation more profitable. (Corporate executives are, by and large, psychopaths who have no attachment to God or country. They instinctively align with power.)

I have already written that Brett Kavanaugh will not be confirmed. Maybe I am wrong, but it’s not looking good. The FBI can invent any evidence it wants. If the FBI wants Kavanaugh gone, they’ll make him gone.

Expect the FBI to report out on Thursday that they have several leads that must be pursued. They’ll leak some juicy but vague bits to the media. Democrats and Jeff Flake will go berserk, demanding more time. Republican voters will grow increasingly disillusioned with their own party leading to a Democrat wave in November. Impeachments will begin on January 4.

What can you do?

And It Gets Worse #

Institutions will be increasingly bossy, limiting personal freedoms, chastising bad manners, and cleansing the culture. Powerful new civic organizations will make judgments about which individual rights deserve respect and which do not. Criminal justice will become swift and rough, trampling on some innocents to protect an endangered and desperate society from those feared to be guilty. Vagrants will be rounded up, the mentally ill recommitted, criminal appeals short-circuited, executions hastened.

—Strauss, William; Howe, Neil. The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny

There’s very little we can do, actually. The radical left owns the means of communication and most of the means of production. Allies of the radical left control the federal police and the military. Elections can be overturned on a whim. 

When Howe and Strauss wrote The Fourth Turning in 1997, they warned that Winter was coming. But they assured us “it’s all happened before.” Sort of.

[Read everything I’ve written about The Fourth Turning here.]

America has seen three Winters: the Revolution, the Civil War, and the Depression/WWII. Each Winter, or Crisis era, followed an Unraveling which followed an Awakening, which followed a High. And, after the Crisis’s climax, a new High begins each time. 

It’s impossible to read The Fourth Turning and not see the pattern replaying before our very eyes today. We are definitely in a Crisis era, and we are slouching towards the Climax of the Crisis. 

What’s different this time is the locus of power. Almost all political power is the hands of radical atheistic conformists. The Democrat Party thinks and acts like a communist central committee, not like an American liberal party of the past. Let me show you what I mean.

Back in 2004 or 2005, I liked to read the forum Democratic Underground for blogging material. I can’t find the actual thread that keeps popping into mind (but it’s still out there if you want to search). 

It was 2004. DUers were debating what to call themselves. One DUer pretty much nailed it, writing something like: “Liberals say ‘I’m okay; you’re okay.’ Progressives say ‘I’m right, you’re wrong, and I’m going to punish you for being wrong.'” That settled it. They all agreed to punish anyone who strayed from the progressive party line. 

Even if the nation stays together, its geography could be fundamentally changed, its party structure altered, its Constitution and Bill of Rights amended beyond recognition. History offers even more sobering warnings: Armed confrontation usually occurs around the climax of Crisis. If there is confrontation, it is likely to lead to war. This could be any kind of war— class war, sectional war, war against global anarchists or terrorists, or superpower war. If there is war, it is likely to culminate in total war, fought until the losing side has been rendered nil— its will broken, territory taken, and leaders captured. And if there is total war, it is likely that the most destructive weapons available will be deployed.

—The Fourth Turning

Remember, these are just prophecies. Prophecies are warnings of what will happen if people don’t listen, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb. So, if my warnings seem extreme, it’s to get people to listen. And respond. 

Do This Instead #

Our political options are limited, even if you consider war politics by other means. So what’s the option? Submit?


Do this instead.

Pray. Repent. Get close to God. Be willing to die before submitting to their evil world. 

The good news today is the same good news since Jesus Christ made the new and eternal covenant with his body and blood through the cross and resurrection. The only effective counter to evil is love.

Love of God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself.

The progressives who want to enslave, torture, punish, and kill us are misguided people. Like all of God’s human creatures, they were created in his image and likeness. They were deemed “very good” by the creator himself. A part of him is part of them. 

That Centurion answered and said, “My lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my servant shall be healed.”

–Matthew 8:8

If a Roman Centurion could see Jesus for who he was, it’s possible even for a Democrat. 

Pray for our enemies. Pray that the part of them that’s part of him will grow to overwhelm the atheistic, worldly, material parts.

I am praying that I and my friends have the fortitude to live right in the face of what’s likely to come, clinging to the word of God like the early Christians, the martyrs, the fathers of the Church. 

If you need more inspiration from one of these great saints, remember St. Lawrence, patron saint of comedians.

If you want to pray in a beautiful field of faith, join us next Sunday, October 7 from 2:00 p.m. to about 4:30 p.m. at the Black Madonna Shrine in Eureka/Pacific. 

  • 2:00 to 3:00 - Tour the dozen grottos and memorials
  • 3:00 to 3:30 - Opening remarks and prayers in the open-air chapel
  • 3:30 to 4:30 - Rosary: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries

For directions and more information, click here. I will have plenty of Rosaries if you need one. If you’ve never prayed the Rosary before, don’t worry: we will guide you with love. 

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson is even more bearish on America’s future than I am. You should read this.