Will US Scuttle Peace Efforts in Ukraine?

Zero Hedge just broke the news that both Russian and Ukrainian negotiators believe a permanent cease-fire could be signed in a “next few days.”

That’s good news, but the US doesn’t want that. The Biden Administration wants a prolonged war, believing it will help Democrats in the mid-terms. Meanwhile, Republican war hawks like Lindsey Graham and Sen. Jim Risch want the US and NATO to send troops to Ukraine for a final war with Russia.

Graham wants to push Putin to order a nuclear strike against the United States, whereupon, in Graham’s mind, “a [Russian] general would shoot him in the head.”

Lindsey Graham is literally using the United States as bait in hopes of killing Putin.

With both the GOP and the Democrats believing a prolonged war is in their best interest, expect the CIA to make sure peace doesn’t have a chance.