Round and Round with Fr. Joyce

Fr. Brian Joyce (e-mail him here), a Roman priest, likes performing clown masses. He also believes that papal infallability is a joke and that the Blessed Virgin was just a Jewish mother. Here’s our latest go-around: Father, I can see beauty in your heart. I have read the testimony of your parishoners, and I can see that you bring people to Jesus. How gratifying that must be, Father. I wish I could touch so many souls. I pray that I may find the words, someday, to inspire just one soul to become like Faustina. Or Joan. But I’m a consumate sinner, Father. I sin like trained professional. (Do not try this at home.) Never, though, would I accord the Mass anything but over-the-top respect. Why? Because it’s the body and blood of Jesus Christ given as grace to us wretched sinners. I would never take a chance that anything I did in church, in His holy presence, would be inappropriate. And still, Father, you deny the problem so obvious to so many. You doubt the indefectibility of the church. You doubt the infallability of the Pope. You doubt the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Father Joyce, you are a heretic. If only your Bishop were man enough to declare it. I pray for you, Father Joyce. I pray to the Blessed Virgin that you come to know the power in your hands, granted through Ordination. You can turn bread into the Body and Blood of God cum Man. You can make sick kids smile. Please make them smile without desecrating the Host. Saying the words approved by the Vatican and maintaining the spirit of the sanctity and solemnity of the Mass are two different things. You know that as well as I do.

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