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I will NOT consider ANYTHING that comes from local or national news sources, even FOX. It is ALL propaganda against Putin's intentions and actions against the deep state in a still Russian country. It is pure defensive and deliberate action against specific nuclear and biological weapons supplies and more. By the link, I see NUCLEAR DETERRENT forces. Be careful how they describe that and add their own words to any actions. This is not in support of Putin's general history, but I also consider how that has been presented, especially concerning Trump. This is all about Trump, as well as a Covid / illegal elections distraction big time, while trucks are now moving across the country towards D.C. Obama's own installed regime is using their own people as human shields in Ukraine as well, just like how it has been used against Israel. The deep state is in big trouble, for this pushback will escalate globally. The war has begun to break their holds. Chute, even the deep state has its liars in anti-war protests here. Are you surprised? You should not be!

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