I too "see things" (love your foto).

US admin: dammit, Polksa, are u gonna step up and help us on this or what?

Polska: oy! and if we give away our planes, what does our air force do? tiddlywinks?

US: always grumping! Ok....we'll backfill one plane, provided you sign our 200 page licensing agreement, for every plane you give to Ukraine!

Polska: Ok, we'll give em to you, YOU hand em over!

US: NO! I'm not supposed to directly antagonize putin, YOU do it!

Polska: oy! so we hand over planes, read over your 200 page licensing agreement, AND take it in the backside from Putin? NO THANKS!

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Saw another clip demonstrating that Bryce Mitchell also has the inside track on the Fed & our fiat currency!

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