Many more MDs agree with you then don't. We know of physicians that are pressured with loss of their medical licenses if they don't tow the line. It is true that there are many MDs that are paternalistic by nature. That's why they went into medicine. They love to tell people what to do and would find no problem with force being implemented in order to have their prescriptions carried out. There is a component of the fear of death that motivates many in white coats, as well. Not a good combination, I agree. It seems to affect our culture at large. This is due to a loss of faith in God and belief that there is nothing after this life. We also have a medical system so regulated that they can barely do their jobs. Also, the average U.S. patient by and large takes no responsibility for their health. If "Public Health" officials were honest they would site the fact that obesity increases your likelihood of death from covid (as well as everything else). Just wanted to put in a good word for honest MDs out there who let their patients know the truth whether or not the patients follow their advice (huge percentage DO NOT)

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