Missouri's Republican Leadership Made Inflation Worse—Now They Want to Corrupt the Election Process

Missouri’s legislative leaders, Governor Parson, and Lt. Gov. Kehoe colluded to impose the largest tax increase in Missouri history last year. They did it through a gasoline tax.

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Recycled: It Gets Worse
Originally posted June 3, 2021. On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Missouri State Senator Dave Schatz (R-Villa Ridge) was the chief proponent of the largest gasoline tax increase in Missouri history. Schatz's private company, Schatz Underground LLC of Villa Ridge, Missouri, stands to make millions from road construction resulting from that tax…
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Now, the same cabal wants to replace election polling places with ballot drop boxes to make ballot-stuffing easier. They want to turn Missouri into a swing state because swing states get all the attention.

I disavow the Missouri GOP.