GiveSendGo Raises $1 million in 12 Hours for Canadian Truckers While Under Relentless, Orchestrated DDOS Attack

Yesterday, we talked about the pure Satanic evil that is GoFundMe.

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GoFundMe Is Evil Made Flesh
When you contribute to a cause through GoFundMe, you are doing more harm than good, no matter how worthy the cause itself. GoFundMe routinely allows good causes to raise significant money only to cut it off before the funds are disbursed. The people who work at GoFundMe derive much satisfaction in this game of snatching away the football…
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Today, The Gateway Pundit reports that Christian Freedom fundraising site GiveSendGo has stepped up to take care of those heroic truckers and farmers risking their lives to free us from slavery.

Meanwhile, GiveSendGo has a campaign running to raise money for the Freedom Convoy 2022. The “FreedomConvoy2022” campaign at GiveSendGo has already raised almost a million in 12 hours!

Plus, under threat of prosecution for FRAUD by Florida Governor DeSantis, GFM announced it will abide by its own contract with donors by refunding donations to the Canadian Truckers directly and automatically. Last night, GFM announced they intended to steal the donations like the criminals they are.

Please, I beg you, do not donate to ANY cause on GFM. You cannot do good by doing evil, and a portion of every penny laundered through GFM funds evil.