Final tech...

I personally felt that final tech did exactly what I thought it would do–everything came together. Sure, there were a few final snags to be ironed out, many notes taken by Mr. L, but that’s just standard procedure. Commenting on Bill’s blog, when I heard “Bust your buns”, it had been wayyyy too long since I heard that before a show. Before every community theatre show I’ve done though, I have found a quiet secluded spot for myself, and I have prayed and recited that ‘pre-game’ ritual that I prayed and recited before every show I was in or worked on at DuBourg. I must admit, I was a little worried whether or not we would be 110% ready for tonight’s show, but you know what? I have no worries now. As it always has, the Guild has pulled it together just in the nick of time, ready for the audience that is the final piece of the puzzle we’ve been working on for the past 3 months. Once they are there, the puzzle will be complete, and EVERYTHING will fit together just as it should. Here’s to a GREAT opening night, and 3 more GREAT performances. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

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