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No one says it better than VDH. This article lays out the facts and pretty much sums up the corrupt FBI.


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Outstanding article ツ

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"In Nazi Germany, racism and anti-Semitism served to misdirect

legitimate grievances toward convenient scapegoats. Anti-Semitic

propaganda was cleverly tailored to appeal to different audiences.

Superpatriots were told that the Jew was an alien internationalist.

Unemployed workers were told that their nemesis was the Jewish cap.

italist and Jewish banker. For debtor farmers, it was the Jewish usurer.

For the middle class, it was the Jewish union leader and Jewish com-

munist. Here again we have a consciously rational use of irrational

images. The Nazis might have been crazy but they were not stupid.

What distinguishes fascism from ordinary right-wing patriarchal

autocracies is the way it attempts to cultivate a revolutionary aura.


offers a beguiling mix of revolutionary-sounding mass

appeals and reactionary class politics. The Nazi party's full name was

the National Socialist German Workers Party, a left-sounding name.

As already noted, the SA storm troopers had a militant share-the-

wealth strain in their ranks that was suppressed by Hitler after he

took state power.

Both the Italian fascists and the Nazis made a conscious effort to

steal the Left's thunder. There were mass mobilizations, youth orga-

nizations, work brigades, rallies, parades, banners, symbols, and slo-

gans. There was much talk about a

"Nazi revolution"

that would

revitalize society, sweeping away the old order and building the new.

For this reason, mainstream writers feel free to treat fascism and

communism as totalitarian twins. It is a case of reducing essence to

form. The similarity in form is taken as reason enough to blur the

vast difference in actual class content."

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TOTALLY AWESOME ARTICLE!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! I hope and pray that our once GREAT country can be saved!! FAR TOOOOOOO MANY STUPID PEOPLE!! In the end, most of this was caused by the TOTAL corruption of the public school system! GOD HELP US!!!!

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