I TOTALLY AGREE!! I read Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s book and I like MOST, if not ALL of his propositions of how to get America back on track! For one thing, if by some miracle, sent by God, Kennedy and Trump were to run on the same ticket I KNOW of MANY, MANY New Yorkers who would vote for their ticket! EVEN New Yorkers, who drink that Democrat Kool Aid EVERYDAY would support a ticket with the Kennedy name attached to it!! Read his book!! It is GREAT! CONGRATS to you and Angela on your move!!

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Hey, Cousin! Great to hear from you.

I have to admit part of RFK's charm to me is nostalgic. Though I wasn't alive when JFK ran for President, I heard many stories about my dad and his fellow Irish Catholic, Jack Nagle, going berserk for Kennedy in 1960. Nagle splurged on an 8mm movie camera to capture a Kennedy speech in St. Louis. The movie had no sound, of course, but that didn't matter.

We were probably just as enthusiastic for Trump in 2016 and 2020 (and 2024), but Irish Catholic connection, I think, strikes at a visceral level that mere politics cannot match.

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