Internment Camps for the Unvaccinated Are Coming to America

Internment Camps for the Unvaccinated Are Coming to America

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Faster than you can imagine, millions of Americans will be rounded up and shipped to internment camps. We can predict this based on a behavioral science principle called Commitment and Consistency.

The target population for this internment will be people who refuse to take a COVID vaccine.

This roundup and internment will happen despite the undeniable facts surrounding those vaccines:

  • They offer no protection against Coronavirus past 60 days, as evidenced by numerous studies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel.
  • They are the most dangerous vaccines ever released to the public as evidenced by
  • Twelve of the 13 counties with the highest vaccination rates are listed as global COVID hotspots (The Gateway Pundit)
  • Victims of dangerous vaccines have no legal recourse against manufacturers or injectors, nor against governments or private companies that mandate them
  • Over half (65%) of the COVID patients in hospitals tested negative for COVID upon admission but acquired COVID while in the hospital. (Mercola)
  • Fully vaccinated people are still required to wear masks and always pretend that they are a danger to others
  • People under 30 are more likely to die from complications from the vaccine than from the virus itself.

Despite all the evidence against taking the vaccine, soon, your own family and friends and co-workers and neighbors will be ratting you out to authorities for being unvaccinated. And it’s all a matter of psychology, as we warned you on April 4: This Is What Will Happen.

Commitment and Consistency #

Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., is the leading researcher of persuasion in the world. He identified six top principles of persuasion. One of those six is Commitment and Consistency. Dozens or hundreds of replicated experiments back the principles, and most make common sense, as well.

Commitment and consistency means people try to conform future behaviors and statements to their past behaviors and words. See This Is What Will Happen for a detailed example of commitment and consistency in action.

For our purposes, the narrative-pushers will employ the principle of commitment and consistency to create a popular demand for internment of non vaccinated Americans. And this popular demand will lead vaccinated people to turn in anyone they know or suspect to be unvaccinated.

And it will happen faster than you can imagine.

Vaccination Status Becoming Primary Identification #

Have you noticed that people begin conversations with which vaccine flavor they got? “I got the J&J, and it was brutal.” “Oh, I got Pfizer. It wasn’t too bad, but I had to drive an hour for each dose.”

Have you also noticed that they look askance at anyone who doesn’t return the gesture by announcing their own vaccination choice? They don’t come out and ask if you’re vaccinated (usually), but their feet turn away from you—a subconscious sign that they don’t want to talk to you. (Tip: if you want to know how interested in you someone is, look at their feet, not their eyes. Healthy men avoid prolonged eye contact, but their feet point toward the person they’re most interested in.)

The reason people voluntarily share their vaccination status is a combination of two more behavioral phenomena called social proof and the availability heuristic.

Social proof says that people tend to do what others like them do.

The availability heuristic says that people pay the most attention to things most readily available in their memory.

Because the number one topic in news, politics, and conversation for the past 17 months has been COVID, COVID is the most available topic in almost every mind. More recently, the vaccine for COVID has been the most available sub-category of COVID. (Remember ventilators, then Zoom, were the most available sub-categories? I do.)

When conversing, people first seek out common areas. This tells people whom to trust, whom to follow, etc. Because COVID vaccines are the number one most available topic in the human mind, it’s likely to arise early in a conversation.

And the human brain is designed to categorize things. So every vaccinated person who learns the vaccination status of any other human being immediately categorizes that person for all time. Moreover, the brain also ranks those other people in a hierarchy of trust:

  1. Those who have received the same vaccine I received are at the top. Maximum trust because they’re members of the same tribe.
  2. Those who received a different vaccine are in the middle, sort of neutral trust because they’re members of an allied tribe, like meeting an Englishman during WWII.
  3. Those who do not disclose their vaccination are suspect. They might belong to an allied tribe, but they might also be spies from an enemy tribe.
  4. Those who admit they are unvaccinated are dangerous and to be avoided. Not because they are not vaccinated, but because they belong to a hostile tribe.

Now, please, don’t blame the vaccine victims. They have not chosen this hierarchy of trust themselves. Instead, they’ve subconsciously adopted what the media and politicians have subtly and intentionally programmed them to do: to distrust the unvaccinated.

If we stopped right here, this situation would be benign. We all build hierarchies of trust involving everyone we meet every minute of every day, even though we are not consciously aware of this process. If you meet someone at the very first Tea Party, for instance, you immediately categorize them high in your trust hierarchy without any conscious thought. If you meet someone wearing a National Education Association pin, you immediately distrust them. That’s just the way the brain works.

(In reality, the Tea Party person could be a scoundrel and the NEA staffer the kind of person who would lay down his life for you, but that doesn’t matter at the first meeting. Your brain has to use heuristics to categorize people for survival’s sake. This knee-jerk reaction is required for survival. We should distrust outsiders and make them prove their allegiance.)

So, as of now, this automatic categorization of people by vaccination status is benign. But the media and the cabal won’t let it stay that way. The government and media (aka, The Party) are already working on the next stage of tyranny. With constant propaganda, The Party is vilifying and dehumanizing unvaccinated people, creating a subclass of non-human scapegoats upon which every social problem in the world will be heaped.

Even as you read these words, the brains of those around you who’ve accepted the vaccine are evaluating the news of the day against many memories, including their hierarchies of trust. “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” “The unvaccinated are killing millions of people.” “If you lose a loved one to COVID, thank the anti-vaxxers.” Or, as one selfish, cowardly Catholic priest put it on social media:

‘seriously, if we have a replay of 2020 because people refuse to get vaccinated, so help me I don’t know what I’ll do’

‘seriously, if we have a replay of 2020 because people refuse to get vaccinated, so help me I don’t know what I’ll do’

This priest is a perfect example of how commitment and consistency, the availability heuristic, and social proof work together.

  • He got the jab
  • He categorized people based on their vaccination status
  • His brain learned to hate those who do not get the jab

Fr. Hildebrand will be first in line to report unvaccinated parishioners to the Vax Police for internment.

And if a Catholic priest will rat out the vermin anti-vaxxers in his parish, so will your neighbor.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.

The number of new infections of COVID will continue to rise as the latest wave works around the United States and other countries. However, the death toll will stay relatively low as mutated viruses are typically less dangerous than the original, despite claims by liars and quacks like Dr. Fauci.

WWII Internment Camp


WWII Internment Camp

But the cabal has all the power right now. They can institute new lockdowns, new restrictions, and new penalties while blaming the unvaccinated.

Eventually (and sooner than you think), most of the vaccinated will begin to feel the way Fr. Hildebrand feels: “lock up the unvaccinated vermin so we can go about our business.”

The fact that the CDC now admits the vaccines do nothing will be irrelevant, just as that news is irrelevant to Fr. Hildebrand.

And, if you think I’m exaggerating about the internment camps, now the CDC has released guidelines for just such regional concentration camps:

High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or “green zones” established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting.1,2 They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.

Call me paranoid, call me crazy. But think back to, say, Christmas 2019 and consider what has transpired since then: multiple lockdowns, forced inoculations with an experimental DNA-altering drug, vaccination passports, hundreds of thousands fired for refusing to participate in a medical experiment, a stolen national election, the indefinite incarceration of people exercising the First Amendment, the nearly complete outlawing of political dissent, riots, the organized destruction of churches. The list of un-American, “can’t happen here” atrocities goes on for pages and pages.

Yet, there has been no mass uprising of the people in America. None. Even Italy and France have shown more spirit of liberty than Americans.

The lions compassing about the herds have taken notice. Americans and Australians appear to be the least resilient, least protective, and slowest of all the possible prey species. In Australia, the police and army tackle people on the streets and forcibly inject them with experimental gene therapies. In America, brown-shirts are going door-to-door to overwhelm and inoculate innocent citizens, without a warrant, without a legal basis, and in violation of the Nuremberg protocols.

And, yet, the vaccine holdouts will be heroes of this story when it is told a thousand years from now. Their strength will not come from within themselves but by the grace of God.

Our job is to pray incessantly for the strength to resist. Read Ephesians 6:12-19. This is the Hill to Die On.