October 2, 2018

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You Will Be Punished Efficiently

The trains to Auschwitz ran on time. 

Brutal dictatorships love efficiency. 

Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Pol Pot. The best mass murderers are efficient. Psychopaths feed on efficiency. They kill because killing is the most efficient means to their end. They kill to rid society of inefficient people. People who introduce inefficiencies to the system. People who get in the way.

Democracy is inefficient. As are all republics. (A republic is any form of government that’s open to the public.) Private government is more efficient because it involves only members in decisions. The public can either accept the decisions of the members or, for the sake of efficiency, be exterminated.

This is what efficiency looks like. 

Georgetown University professor Christine Fair speaking of the Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee.

The American left doesn’t want to win at the ballot box. Ballot boxes are inefficient. Why win the Senate when you can bully and threaten Jeff Flake on an elevator?

You think I’m being pessimistic? I’m not alone. I have very good company. 

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a very sad piece in American Greatness today.  Epitaph for a Dying Culture.

And that is where we are now headed—the world of the Athenian popular court, the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, the Star Chamber, the cycles of the French Revolution—except that in all those cases, reason and sanity eventually returned. Perhaps not now. We are entering a new Dark Ages.

—Victor Davis Hanson


My post of September 30, which some found too morose and negative, was, if anything, too cheery for VDH. He concludes that thinking men and women—people like you and me—are relegated to a modern form of monasticism.  And I agree.

In other words, America is resembling the medieval Balkans, where spent traditionalists fled to the mountaintops, abandoned the plains of a dying culture to the new zealots who stormed in under the pretense of civilization.

—Victor Davis Hanson

If you haven’t noticed, I began my retreat to the mountaintop with my post of August 8, 2018: Crawling Back to Freedom and Happiness. Long before that, the need for supernatural help became obvious. Mortals can do only so much. 

Brett Kavanaugh will likely be rejected in the Senate. Lindsey Graham wants President Trump to renominate Kavanaugh. (Several Senators wanted Ronald Reagan to renominate Robert Bork, too.) That sounds good, but it won’t happen. Instead, Trump will nominate a centrist. Probably someone like Merrick Garland. Why?

No one to the right of Garland will accept the nomination. Not after witnessing what the efficient left did to Judge Kavanaugh. And for what? To be punished for doing nothing wrong?

Brett Kavanaugh is being punished for being white, conservative, male, and Catholic. You will be, too. For each of your offenses. For every orthodox thought. 

If you are too pretty, you will be punished, for the ugly are running the show. 

If you are too smart you will be punished, for the ignorant are running the show.

If you are too kind you will be punished, for the cruel are running the show.

It’s time to head for the mountaintops. Click Faith and start climbing.